‘My Name is Topher’ Spreads All Over TikTok


Payton Mucker

Quickly racking over seven million views, is the now TikTok famous child is called Topher. Originating from the TikTok account allycat.03, it’s now hard to not see his recognizable face when scrolling through the app.

A little boy named Topher became famous for his iconic quote, “Y’all already know who I am. My name’s Topher.”

Topher took off as the video continued to grow. His sister Allyson posted a video on Dec. 24, 2022 of their family playing a game where they were asked who they would warn a stranger about.

Several videos of Topher became famous due to the funny nature of the child and his huge reactions. (Payton Mucker)

Many of the family members said they would warn them about Topher. When Topher heard one member say him, he yelled.

“I think the trend is quite funny,” freshman Brya Criss said. “He became famous for a simple quote. If I could do that, I honestly would.”

Viewers were immediately interested in his quote. Allyson’s comments flooded with love for Topher, talking about how he carried the video. Some also believe he isn’t funny anymore now that he has gone viral.

“I think it’s stupid,” freshman Mason Berry said. “I don’t get how someone can say a sentence in an accent and become viral.” 

Most of the clips of him are him being edited into movies. The most viral one is “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” in the scene when Lord Voldemort asks Neville Longbottom who he is. Instead of Longbottom appearing, it shows the Topher clip. The viewer’s emotions are mixed for Topher. Some don’t understand why he is famous. Some like his humor.

“The trend makes me very annoyed,” Berry said. “I don’t enjoy trends like that because they get overrated quickly.” 

Although Topher is just a little boy, he still finds a way to make people laugh. He also made an appearance at the Kentucky Wildcats game and was excited. Some people think he is just funny for the accent. When his turn came to speak, he spoke with a southern accent.

“The video was funny because of how he said it,” freshman Baylee Wallace said. “I think the trend should go on because it is entertaining, but they must do his accent, or else it would not be funny.”