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Although deer are a common animal and dont get as much hype, they have interesting things about them as well. White tail deer can wag their tail when startled. If they shed their antlers in the spring or summer, it usually means theyre sick. Although deer in Logansport dont really have a reason to run from predators, they can run up to 30 MPH and can jump as high as 10 feet.

Logansport’s Enchanting Spring

Kailee Lake, Content Creator
May 15, 2024
Fresh popcorn is popping and will be served hot and ready.

The Very Berry Concession Stands

Lilah Ott, Content Creator
February 20, 2024
After their win, the Senior Team poses for a photo in front of the scoreboard.

Switchin’ It Up

Miaya Smith, Content Creator
October 9, 2023
Paintings line the walls of the stairway to the upstairs of Black Dog. The upstairs is named Black Dog Studios and has spaces open for small businesses to operate out of.

Hidden Gems of Black Dog

Gretchen Prifogle, Photo Editor
April 17, 2023
Reading The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller, sophomore Ared Ruiz shows an interest in reading the book. When people are bored, reading can be one of the many things they can do. There are many genres that people can dive into like sci-fi, nonfiction, historical fiction, etc.

Feeling a Little Bored?

Vasan Nomany, Captions Editor
March 31, 2023
While standing in line waiting to buy his ticket to Los Angeles, private investigator Owen Stacy, played by eighth grader Cooper Prifogle, is annoyed by the sound of Nelson Henry’s tapping, played by eighth grader Chris Knapp. Their relationship on stage is very comical in that Nelson is a very easy-going musician, and Owen is an uptight investigator who is annoyed by Nelson not caring about the murders as much as he should.

Middle School Murders

Gretchen Prifogle, Photo Editor
March 2, 2023
In the classes Principles of Engineering and Engineering Design and Development, students were assigned a project called Package the Pringle. In this project, students were assigned to build a container within certain constraints that will go through the mail system. When the Pringle comes back, the Pringle is observed to see whether it broke or stayed intact during the trip.

Don’t Crush It

Vasan Nomany, Captions Editor
February 23, 2023
The Culinary Arts third and fourth period class prepares to cook for the teachers’ carry-in on Feb. 3. Before the students can cook, they have to put on their hair nets, wash their hands and sanitize the counters. “Since we cater and work around dangerous equipment, it is very important that each student knows some basic kitchen safety,” Saylor said. “Each year, the students start out with learning what is needed to be safe in the kitchen with equipment and food safety. They must pass the exam with an 80% or better to be in the lab. This is done so that I do not worry if the kiddos will serve unsafe foods.”

An Appetite for the Culinary Arts

Lily Newell, Photographer
February 17, 2023
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