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Cairo Sweet is looking up lovingly at her professor Mr. Miller.

Review: “Miller’s Girl,” The Love for Literacy

Dayra Rostro-Ramirez, Content Creator April 24, 2024

The thriller/comedy “Miller’s Girl” film exploded on many TikTok For You pages. The #millersgirl tag gathered a whopping 20 thousand views. They were catching the attention of Jenna Ortega’s fans,...

A promotional poster for Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

Review: “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire” Better Than the Last

Eduardo Morales-Rodriguez, Content Creator April 17, 2024

On March 29, "Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire" was released to all movie enthusiasts' excitement. It was succeeding its last release on March 31, 2021. The ratings for "The New Empire" were insanely great,...

Characters from Beauty and the Beast dance around the stage.

From Evil Stepmothers to Magical Ice Powers

Gracelyn Scott, Content Creator March 22, 2024

From evil stepmothers to magical ice powers, Disney can be a big part of people's childhoods. When people watch Disney movies at a young age, they learn many life lessons like facing their fears and stepping...

Easter happens during Spring Break this year on March 31. Several local groups will host Easter related activities.

Column: What to Do for Spring Break in a Small Town

Lilah Ott, Content Creator March 18, 2024

There are many different ways to enjoy Spring Break, but for a lot of people, traveling is not one of them. Whether it could be because of money, not knowing where to go, or just having a fear of heights,...

Both Paul brothers have all particpated in professional boxing, and Logan Paul now wrestles with WWE.

Column: Two Brothers Who Broke the Internet In Half

Camila Ortiz, Content Creator March 15, 2024

Jake Paul and Logan Paul are two brothers who broke the internet in half in 2017. Everyone was either a Jake Pauler or a Logangster. There was no in-between. They both dropped diss tracks on each other....

Génesis is a regional Mexican/trap corrido album.

Review: Génesis by Peso Pluma

Camila Ortiz, Content Creator March 14, 2024

"Génesis" is Peso Pluma's third studio album. This album includes collaborations with Eladio Carrión, Natanael Cano, Blessd, Junior H, Tito Double P, Jasiel Nuñez, Grupo Frontera, Los Dareyes de la...

Still relevant in 2024, the 37 year old franchise is still in the hearts of many children (and adults) today.

Review: ‘Cowabunga,’ What a Franchise

Lilah Ott, Content Creator March 5, 2024

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" have been here in pop culture since 1984, created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, making comics, lunchboxes, shirts, and even their very own animated TV show that started...

The thirds movie in the Trolls franchise, Trolls Band Together introduces previously unknown family members of Poppy and Branch.

Review: ‘Trolls Band Together’ Sucessfully Continues the Franchise

Sofia Herrera, Content Creator February 29, 2024

Dreamworks has finally come out with another Trolls movie, "Trolls Band Together," with the first one coming out in 2016 and then later getting another one in 2020. These movies have been so good that...

Freshman Martine Meteluss sweater is one of her favorite pieces of clothing. She loves strawberry milk, and it matched the vibe she wanted to give out. As for the jeans, she just liked how they looked on her. Meteluss style depends on what she wants to bring out. She felt more bubbly and sweet getting to express herself that day. Shes been wearing this type of style for two years, and she tends to blend together what hairstyle she wears with her outfits.

Varied Student Styles

Kailee Lake, Content Creator February 27, 2024

A variety of students volunteered to talk and show off their style. Clothing style is a unique category in which a person is interested in certain types of wear like colors, fabrics, logos and value....

The very first seasons poster with Sheldon smack dab in the spotlight.

Review: ‘Young Sheldon’ Rockets Off

Eduardo Morales-Rodriguez, Content Creator February 26, 2024

The newest season of "Young Sheldon," season seven, was released on February 14. "Young Sheldon" premiered on Sept. 25, 2017. The show was mostly enjoyable with a 76% rating on Rotten Tomatoes for season...

The leading actors for Percy Jackson and the Olympians are Walker Scobell, who is playing Percy; Leah Jeffries, who is playing Annabeth; and Aryan Simhadri, who is playing Grover.

David Bukach / Disney

Review: ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ is the Adaptation that Fans Deserve

Sydney Vo, Team Leader February 23, 2024

For nearly two decades, fans of the "Percy Jackson" book series have been waiting in anticipation for a good screen adaptation. Sure, there were the two movies that were released in the 2010s, but they...

Review: Paldean Fates Seems Destined to Be Bright

Review: Paldean Fates Seems Destined to Be Bright

Eduardo Morales-Rodriguez, Content Creator February 22, 2024

The newest booster pack for Pokemon was announced to be released on Jan. 26. This came with some mixed reception about the packs. Some were excited for the newest pack to have shiny Pokemon cards, and...

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