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The 0 tolerance policy would give both of these students the same punishment no matter what the circumstance is. Whether the headlocker started the fight or the head-locked is losing his own battle, they will both be given the same sentence once word of the fight gets out.

No Favoritism in Schools

Benjamin Atkinson, Reporter September 29, 2022

The zero-tolerance policy is a rule kept by many schools that states that no matter the situation, both student parties involved in a conflict will be given the same punishment. Personally, in my opinion,...

Scooters is at 3225 East Market Street at the former location of Maxx Tan.

Review: Scooter’s Coffee…Better Than Starbucks?

Isabella Lucero, Reporter September 26, 2022

Scooter’s Coffee has been very popular ever since it opened its doors on August 29th, 2022. They’ve had a lot of customers and have been very successful. I tried five of their most popular things at...

Every year during the spring, Logansport participates in Unified Track. Unified track is a great opportunity to get special needs students and general education students together.

Special Education Students Deserve More Representation and Awareness

Kylee Langley, Editor-in-Chief September 23, 2022

Growing up, I have been fortunate to get a more first-handed understanding of special needs students since I have a younger sister that has cerebral palsy. Although she is nonverbal, she has had many people...

In order to vote in Indiana, a person must be a citizen of the United States and be 18 years old by the day of the election. Furthermore, the voter must live in the precinct for 30 or more days and not be imprisoned due to a criminal conviction.

Everyone Is A Future Leader

Justin Snay, News Section Editor September 12, 2022

It is the end of the school day. The voting booth is open for the next presidential election, and as a senior, you have one choice: Do I participate in the future of my government, or not?  The philosopher...

Onward only grossed a total of $103-142 million world-wide because of box offices while its budget  was around $175-200 million.

Is Social Media Changing The Film Industry?

Chelsee Osburn, Reporter September 8, 2022

When social media became more widespread, it made it harder for filmmakers to depend on bored teens or young adults as a marketable source. The attention span of people now is notably shorter compared...

J-Hope was the third person to join BTS and later released his mixtape Hope World and launched his solo career.

The Importance of J-Hope of BTS Making Headlining History

Leah Alder, Managing Editor September 7, 2022

K-Pop, and BTS, the band that launched the genre into international stardom, face a lot of disrespect and backlash from those that don’t really understand it. This can lead to a lack of recognition and...

Highlander sparked a television series of the same name. The main character is an immortal who hunts down others.

Immortality: A Blessing or A Curse?

Jaselyn Newbold, Opinion/Sports Section Editor May 4, 2022

Opinion Have you ever been watching a movie or reading a book where a character is unable to die? Defined as the ability to live forever; eternal life, or immortality, is a theme most often seen in...

Sophomore Carissa Dawson reads instead of wasting time on social media. This is one example of all the things students could be doing instead of scrolling through TikTok.

Life During a Social Media Detox

Carissa Dawson, Social Media Editor April 27, 2022

Opinion Currently, we live in a society that is incredibly reliant on social media and technology. We constantly check our sources of media to entertain ourselves. Teenagers often rely on cellular devices...

Some of the study hall classes are either in the upstairs lecture halls or in some teachers classrooms.

What is Preventing Students From Getting Their Work Done?

Jerika Razer, Features Section Editor April 27, 2022

Study hall is a period of time in a school curriculum that is set aside for study and the preparation of schoolwork. Study hall should be a time to get schoolwork done and to focus on our school life. A...

(Above) English teacher and Tattler advisor Beth Myers helps senior Jesus Ramirez with his work.

The Value of Teachers

Justin Snay, Opinions Section Editor April 20, 2022

Indiana is one of the lowest paying states for teacher salaries. I find that to be absurd. Indiana is ranked 41 in the nation for teacher pay. Teachers are a valuable resource. They are our educators....

This picture of the Earth wrapped in a plastic bag depicts the amount of trash that is ruining our world.

Tackling Climate Change

Carissa Dawson, Reporter April 13, 2022

Climate change is a pressing issue in modern society. It’s been talked about through news broadcasting and so on. LHS has taken a stand to prevent the further damage people have and are making to the...

There are many downsides to shaving your arms. Only some of the consequences include skin irritation, ingrown hairs, razor burn, or even folliculitis, which results from irritated skin.

Breaking the Beauty Standard

Lea Alder , News Section Editor April 6, 2022

America has a very strong ideology about what is beautiful and what isn’t. These beauty standards are only emphasized through the use of social media, especially TikTok, where people freely insult...

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