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For many families, Disney films brought them a chance for all to get together as a family and enjoy each other. Some collected films on DVDs to have the film to watch at home. Now with services such as Disney+, many just watch digitally.

The Cause of The Decline In Disney Animated Films

Payton Mucker, Podcast Editor February 8, 2023

Disney, in one way or another, has made an impact on the lives of millions, both children and adults. There are plenty of those who walk among the school’s halls who still enjoy watching Disney movies....

NATO Secretary General makes a speech to the House of Representatives.

Vote, After Vote, After Vote, After Vote. . .

Justin Snay, News Section Editor February 6, 2023

Now more than ever, we can relate to the famous Tik Tok sound, “What on earth is going on in the house?” The House of Representatives continues to “represent” its constituents in the 118th...

At Dallas Love Field Airport, customers baggage from cancelled flights wait for their owners. Some of the baggage was from customers who were still stuck in another city. Baggage was storied all over the baggage claim, even piled up to the ceiling.

Southwest Airlines Causes a Christmas Catastrophe

Veda Fagner, Reporter January 30, 2023

Over the holiday season, many people planning to visit family in other states had their plans ruined due to an issue with a popular airline.  “We were on the way to visit my husband’s family in...

Junior Payton Mucker is trying to have a conversation with junior Vasan Nomany, but Nomany is not understanding.

Communication vs. Comprehension

Maddison Sell, Reporter January 10, 2023

When asked what’s the most important thing in a relationship, most couples would respond with communication. But, what if there was something even more important than communication? That thing is comprehension....

In a common symbol of chivalry, sophomore Jakson Combs holds the door open for junior Gretchen Prifogle.

Is Chivalry Dead?

Carissa Dawson, Assistant Podcast Editor January 4, 2023

According to, “Chivalry is polite, kind, and unselfish behavior, especially by men toward women.” Now, this appears the most when it comes to romance. Many people have come to...

The Washington Post reported in 2016 that the no-homework policy being set in place has taken the stress out of students afternoons and evenings.

Why the American Education System is Failing

Chelsee Osburn, Reporter December 30, 2022

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Surfaces, one in five students ages 12-17 has some sort of mental health problem that stems from school. Examples include stress, anxiety, bullying, family...

One of the many Felix ornaments that hang on the Christmas tree at the entrance of the school.

The Best Holiday

Benjamin Atkinson, Reporter December 12, 2022

What is the best holiday? The most popular holiday is Christmas, which is celebrated around almost the entire world.  With Christianity being the largest religion by far, it is not a surprise that Christmas...

In his attempt to remove the stress of school, Payton Mucker works on his rigorous math work.

The Quality of Your Education

Justin Snay, News Section Editor December 7, 2022

Education is what drives society. It is what determines the future of the next generation. In 2021, the annual Best Countries Report, conducted by U.S. News & World Report, BAV Group, and the Wharton...

Gen Z’s political activism, whether it be in support of gender equality, racial justice, or climate change, is quickly growing as a defining characteristic of the generation. Ninety percent of the Gen Z population were found to support Black Lives Matter, an organization that fights police brutality and systematic racism against black Americans.

Generational Turmoil

Chelsee Osburn, Reporter December 5, 2022

Why do millennials and Gen Zs dislike each other so much? Is it a result of generational trauma being passed down and/or deflected? Or is it just because of the different times in which millennials grew...

In the U.S., for the first time ever,  there are more iPhones in use than any other smartphone. Recently, iPhone overtook the entire Android ecosystem to claim 50% of the entire market share. Apple achieved the highest-ever share of the American smartphone market in doing so.

The Ongoing Competition between Apple and Androids

Isabella Lucero, Reporter November 24, 2022

There has always been ongoing competition between Androids and Apple. Many people nowadays prefer iPhones instead of androids. However, iPhones are better than Androids for multiple reasons. Typically,...

Jeffrey Dahmer: Guilty But Insane is a play written about Jeffrey Dahmer. It is one of several works about his life.

Why Do We Glorify Serial Killers?

Chelsee Osburn, Reporter November 17, 2022

Everyone recognizes Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, and Charles Manson as household names, but no one seems to remember Richard Guerrero, Lynette Culver, or Sharon Tate. This is because every piece of media...

A veteran salutes the flag at the schools Veterans Day ceremony. One of many ways of showing patriotism is saluting your countrys flag. It is a sign of respect towards a symbol of the nation.

What is Patriotism?

Justin Snay, News Section Editor November 14, 2022

The “Pledge of Allegiance”, Veterans Day, and the Fourth of July all encompass the idea of patriotism. Some would agree that being patriotic towards your country is noble and necessary. Some people...

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