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ChatGPT and Midjourney are two of the most popular softwares that utilize AI. The former is text-based, and the latter generates images based off of prompts.

Column: Nothing in This Article Is AI-Generated

Sydney Vo, Team Leader November 16, 2023

The use of AI initially gained popularity after the release of ChatGPT (Chat Generated Pre-trained Transformer), which is a generative chatbot powered by artificial intelligence. Whether a user is typing...

The Magpie Staff takes a photo on the Hayride, waiting to be shook out of their boots.

Review: Sleepy Hollow Scare

Justin Snay, Business Manager November 13, 2023

Every weekend in October, France Park hosts the Sleepy Hollow, a haunted hayride. This spooky ride makes all who attend shake in their boots.  Magpie recently attended the haunted hayride as a group,...

During Good Government Day, Mayor Chris Martin speaks with students. Sponsored by Key Club, Good Government Day allows students to take on the roles of local government officials for a day.

Column: Should Youth Be More Involved in Our Government?

Yoslen Santana, Content Creator November 13, 2023

Have you ever wondered why you need a license to fish, hunt, or become a barber? Have you ever wondered why you have to be 21 to drink alcohol but only 18 to join the military or gamble? Have you ever...

According to the College Board, over 7 million students use the College Board every year through their tests and services, representing around 41% of Americas high school population each year. In 2023 1.9 million students took the SAT, while an estimated 4 million students took the PSAT/NMSQT in 2022.

Column: The College Board: A Monopoly on Education

Jackson Lythgoe, Content Creator November 1, 2023

The College Board is a well-known non-profit organization responsible for creating and administering standardized tests such as the SAT and AP exams. It is responsible for a membership association of over...

Writers take the streets to protest. These protests are causing disruption in Hollywood.

Column: Concerns in Hollywood, What is Happening With the Writer’s Strike

Dayra Rostro-Ramirez, Content Creator October 23, 2023

Writer’s Guild of America went on strike on May 2. WGA is a media company that represents writers in television, films and radio. Actors and screenwriters had every right to go on strike and protest...

Cooking shows have become a staple on stream networks like Netflix.

Column: Cooking Up Some Hatred

Benjamin Atkinson, Reporter October 20, 2023

When done properly, cooking shows have a distinct place in modern culture. However, shows that choose to establish a falsified personal connection between themselves and their own audiences should not...

Standardized testing is mandatory for all students at some time in their educational career. However, the resulting scores may not represent the student whatsoever.

Column: Standardized Tests, Purposeless and Unjust

Golda Kitchell, Team Leader October 19, 2023

As optional test scores on college applications become more prevalent, test scores are being questioned about their relevance. From ILEARN to the SAT, standardized tests have been the foundation of students’...

Traditional newspapers have declined in the past two decades. Newspaper revenues had gone down to $21 billion from $50 billion in 2006. In the same period, the estimated 75,000 newspaper journalists declined to 31,000 by 2022.

Column: The Erosion of Local Journalism

Jackson Lythgoe, Content Creator October 16, 2023

In an age where an abundance of information is at people’s fingertips and defined by the rapid dissemination of information, we are witnessing the growth of communities finding themselves trapped in...

Students have to weigh their options when using the restrooms at LHS.

Column: A Disgrace

Justin Snay, Business Manager October 11, 2023

How can we justify no men's restrooms in the English wing? Half of the men’s restrooms are not available in the school. This needs to stop.  When I walk into the school, I see many interesting things....

Michael Oher, player 74, is seen in full gear, watching a game of golf

Column: Blindsided

Benjamin Atkinson, Content Creator September 14, 2023

In 2010, according to former NFL player Michael Oher, his adoptive parents, Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy, successfully stole away his ability to make decisions for himself. After looking into all the controversy...

This cartoon is representing the growing disuse in Logansport High School.

A Distant Memory: School Lockers

Justin Snay, Business Manager September 11, 2023

In the past, lockers were a main part of a student's day. Now, they have become a distant memory. TV shows and movies still include the frequent trip to the decorated and used locker, but in this high...

Communication is a big role in most peoples lives it tends to keep confusion and less accidents to occur.

Importance of Communication Skills

Tatianna jones, Photographer May 22, 2023

Communication skills are a part of everybody's life. Whether it's for a job or school or even a sport.  Harvard has a website with eight ways to improve communication skills. So colleges having a website...

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