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Sometimes, it is important to know when and why to move on from a relationship.

Column: 10 Ways To Get Over Your Toxic Exes

Zelda Schollaert, Content Creator April 15, 2024

Toxic relationships are very draining and not healthy for us or the people around us. There are disadvantages, so many that there are no advantages to a toxic relationship. A relationship shouldn't be...

With both mens restrooms in the English wing closed, male students have to walk to another wing in order to use the restroom.

A Disgrace . . . Again

Justin Snay, Business Manager April 2, 2024

Imagine walking into the school bathroom and seeing a student creating something beautiful. That same bathroom has been getting worse and worse each day, but this student has taken time out of the kindness...

Greta Gerwig directed and wrote Barbie.

Column: Barbie: Irony Within A Film

Melanie Contreras, Content Creator March 28, 2024

While women go out of their way to defy the odds put against them, their efforts are still not being recognized. Greta Gerwig's “Barbie” movie, released during the summer of 2023, exhibits this phenomenon....

Going to beauty stores like Sephora was once a favorite hobby of teenage girls, however, has been ruined by entitled young girls.

Column: Sephora Overtaken by Generation Alpha

Golda Kitchell, Team Leader March 27, 2024

From spending thousands of dollars on unnecessary products to doing blackface with the darkest foundation samples, preteen girls have been taking over Sephora for the worst. Brands such as Drunk Elephant,...

The Eyes on Education website was launched on Feb. 6, allowing anyone to submit instances of indoctrination in Indiana public schools and view them. The website states submissions will be published regularly.

Column: New Eyes on Education Program Endangers Teachers and Schools

Jackson Lythgoe, Content Creator March 8, 2024

On Feb. 6, Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita announced in a press release his new Eyes on Education portal, which launched on the same day. According to the press release, the new website aimed to “further...

The 2017 Small Arms Survey found that $393 million guns owned by U.S. citizens with that same years population being only $326 million.

Column: Disappointing Gun Control

Eduardo Morales-Rodriguez, Content Creator March 7, 2024

A cop's cam footage became viral due to the cop's decision to dump all of his rounds from his pistol into his patrol car, where a detained suspect was being held. In a miracle, the suspect did not catch...

Walking through the halls with his head down, sophomore Jackson Lythgoe heads towards his next class while being bullied by his peers. Many people who have committed suicide might have been bullied to that point, as bullying is one of the main contributors to considering/attempting/committing suicide.

Column: Be Aware How You May Affect Others

Zelda Schollaert, Content Creator February 21, 2024

People often undermine the effect their behavior has on their fellow peers. Additionally, people don't often think about how they don't know what someone is going through in their lives or at home at any...

During the wintertime, the entrance of Georgetown Road is a pretty sight. Eagles, cardinals, starlings and crows are usually found in the bare trees, or soaring through the air over the freezing river. The roads were salted and scraped since theres a small community of neighbors.

Photo Gallery: Logansport Winter Wonderland

Kailee Lake, Content Creator February 13, 2024

Logansport was recently hit by ongoing snow storms multiple times at the beginning of 2024, including a few more days of snowfall. Temperatures dropped to the negatives, causing things to freeze.  To...

Trent Daltons award-winning novel was first adapted on-stage and later into a TV series.

Review: Trent Dalton’s ‘Boy Swallows Universe’ Properly Adapts into a TV Series

Golda Kitchell, Team Leader February 8, 2024

Adapting award-winning novels into accurate movies and TV shows is infamously difficult to execute. With adapted shows as disappointing as “Game of Thrones” and “Little Fires Everywhere,” the expectations...

Music can help with the early second semester academic struggle.

Column: Classical Music, the Perfect Relaxant

Justin Snay, Business Manager February 6, 2024

As we get further into the new semester, we all need something that relaxes us. The new increase in school work and school in general can be stressful. The perfect relaxant on this Earth is the sound of...

Beavo is shown above eating, as someone holds the phone. The famous TikTok influence breaks the internet once again.

Column: Who is Beavo? The Rise of Food Reviewers

Dayra Rostro-Ramirez, Content Creator February 5, 2024

There has been an uprise in food reviews, with many people hopping on this bandwagon of reviewing local and fast food restaurants. #FoodReview has an outstanding 40.3 billion views on TikTok, followed...

2023 trends included Ugg slippers, Stanley cups and Taylor Swift mania.

Column: 2024 Trend Predictions

Leylin Diaz, Content Creator January 31, 2024

2024 trend predictions are a huge hit when it comes to guessing what will make this year memorable. It's hard to see exactly what things will be popularized and mass-consumed, but it's safe to say we're...

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