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On his knees, math teacher Michael Grenard pulls Piper the Pig in for a smooch.
The Logansport FFA Celebrates Their Fourth Annual Kiss The Pig Competition
Veda Fagner, Content Creator • March 1, 2024

Last Friday, Feb. 23, Logansport High School's FFA held its annual Kiss the Pig competition in the Berry Bowl. Throughout the week, students...

Dribbling the ball from the other side of the court, junior Chrisanthony Del Valle attempts to maneuver around an opponent blocking the way. Del Valle also plays as one of the teams point guards.
A Berries and Benton Central Matchup
Vasan Nomany, Team Leader • February 28, 2024

As the boys' basketball team heads into sectionals with a 10-13 record, their last home game against the Benton Central Bison would result...

Getting ready for a group photo, the gymnastics team and managers line up. Managers are important for gymnastics and help out the athletes, coaches and judges.
The Work Behind the Game
February 7, 2024

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The Felix Frame: Episode 5
Gretchen Prifogle, Cooper Prifogle, and Chris Knapp March 1, 2024

This is the fifth episode of the Magpie's broadcast, The Felix Frame. On this week's episode, discover what it's like to be a dance captain in...


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Walking through the halls with his head down, sophomore Jackson Lythgoe heads towards his next class while being bullied by his peers. Many people who have committed suicide might have been bullied to that point, as bullying is one of the main contributors to considering/attempting/committing suicide.
Column: Be Aware How You May Affect Others
Zelda Schollaert, Content Creator • February 21, 2024

People often undermine the effect their behavior has on their fellow peers. Additionally, people don't often think about how they don't know...

During the wintertime, the entrance of Georgetown Road is a pretty sight. Eagles, cardinals, starlings and crows are usually found in the bare trees, or soaring through the air over the freezing river. The roads were salted and scraped since theres a small community of neighbors.
Photo Gallery: Logansport Winter Wonderland
Kailee Lake, Content Creator • February 13, 2024

Logansport was recently hit by ongoing snow storms multiple times at the beginning of 2024, including a few more days of snowfall. Temperatures...

The thirds movie in the Trolls franchise, Trolls Band Together introduces previously unknown family members of Poppy and Branch.
Review: 'Trolls Band Together' Sucessfully Continues the Franchise
Sofia Herrera, Content Creator • February 29, 2024

Dreamworks has finally come out with another Trolls movie, "Trolls Band Together," with the first one coming out in 2016 and then later getting...

Freshman Martine Meteluss sweater is one of her favorite pieces of clothing. She loves strawberry milk, and it matched the vibe she wanted to give out. As for the jeans, she just liked how they looked on her. Meteluss style depends on what she wants to bring out. She felt more bubbly and sweet getting to express herself that day. Shes been wearing this type of style for two years, and she tends to blend together what hairstyle she wears with her outfits.
Varied Student Styles
Kailee Lake, Content Creator • February 27, 2024

A variety of students volunteered to talk and show off their style. Clothing style is a unique category in which a person is interested in...

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