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Seniors spend the afternoon riding the bus to different schools during their grad walk.
Seniors Reflect During Their Grad Walk
Elijah Bault, Carissa Dawson, and Jasmine Zimmerman May 26, 2023

Senior students reflect on the past. The graduating class walks through Fairview Elementary, Franklin Elementary, Columbia Elementary, Landis...

Freshman Jordin Cunningham hangs up the Slam Donors. The Slam Donors get put up in a different area then the other sponsor balls because the Slam Donors donated a bigger amount.
Behind the Scenes of Softball Management
Jordin Cunningham and Ella Weathers May 25, 2023

Many people attend softball games throughout the season, but most of the time, they don’t see what the managers do behind the scenes. Running...


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Season 15 Finale: The Senior Episode
Berry Broadcast May 18, 2023

As we say goodbye to Michael Hill and Maddox Hiatt, we leave you this last show of the year. Go get em' Class of 2023! It might not be easy....

Communication is a big role in most peoples lives it tends to keep confusion and less accidents to occur.
Importance of Communication Skills
Tatianna jones, Photographer • May 22, 2023

Communication skills are a part of everybody's life. Whether it's for a job or school or even a sport.  Harvard has a website with eight...

Vasan Nomany, Captions Editor • May 19, 2023

In the state of Alaska, many oil drilling projects take place, but one has picked up headlines and petitions against it. This is the Willow Project....

A G-Wing wall features artwork that represents different pieces of literature.
Art Is Everywhere
Veda Fagner, Reporter • May 26, 2023

Art teachers of LHS describe why they love art and what motivated them to teach.

Inspired by seeing their friend lounge about, the creators of La Mamacita  decided to pose her laying down. The 3D sculpture class used plastic, old fabric, and bottle caps in order to make these sculptures.
Newest Occupants of the Berry Patch
Jennifer Anaya-Serrano, Assistant Photo Editior • May 25, 2023

In Ms. Charmaine's 3-D sculpture class, the final was to create a completely reused statue. Three groups worked together in order to make...

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