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Museums are visited by thousands of people every year. This British Museum is one of many museums one can find.
Museums and Stolen Artifacts
Maddison Sell, Reporter • October 7, 2022

Twenty-four percent of the U.S. population have visited a museum or an art gallery. The number of people seems to increase each year.  Many...

Due to last year’s effort, Magpie staff  won the Hoosier Star Award. The award is the highest award a high school newspaper can receive in Indiana. This is exciting for the Magpie staff because last year was only the first year for the online newspaper.
And the Award Goes to...
September 29, 2022
Flipping up the ball, senior Finley Hettinger focuses on hitting the ball to McCutcheon.
Volleyball Senior Night Preview
Jeremiah Miller, Reporter • October 6, 2022

The girls volleyball team (0-27) hasn't had the season they expected, but they want to end strong by winning their first game against Winamac...

Using her pom-poms, junior Emily Sanchez smiles at the crowd between chants.
The Importance of Cheer
October 4, 2022

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Berry Broadcast Presents Homecoming Week
Berry Broadcast Presents Homecoming Week
Berry Broadcast September 28, 2022

Homecoming Week sure was a lot of fun. Berry Broadcast tried to capture moments and memories, and show what happened for people who may have...

The 0 tolerance policy would give both of these students the same punishment no matter what the circumstance is. Whether the headlocker started the fight or the head-locked is losing his own battle, they will both be given the same sentence once word of the fight gets out.
No Favoritism in Schools
Benjamin Atkinson, Reporter • September 29, 2022

The zero-tolerance policy is a rule kept by many schools that states that no matter the situation, both student parties involved in a conflict...

Scooters is at 3225 East Market Street at the former location of Maxx Tan.
Review: Scooter’s Coffee…Better Than Starbucks?
Isabella Lucero, Reporter • September 26, 2022

Scooter’s Coffee has been very popular ever since it opened its doors on August 29th, 2022. They’ve had a lot of customers and have been...

The Logansport Parks and Recreation Department commissioned the LHS Art Club to paint this mural for Live United day right underneath Wabash River’s 3rd Street bridge. Little Turtle Waterway has been a favorite of Logansport for a long time. Many people walk along this path during the summer months.
An Ode to the Extinct
Jennifer Anaya-Serrano, Assistant Photo Editor • October 5, 2022

Along the Little Turtle Waterway path and under the 3rd Street bridge, the newest art club mural lies in the works.

The students of LHS are interested in numerous genres of movies. The films in this article range from lighthearted Disney movies to sentimental war movies.
Snapshot Reviews of Student Favorites
Erin Williams, Reporter • September 26, 2022

LHS is a diverse school, and within a diverse school, there is bound to be a diverse selection of favorite movies and T.V. shows among students....

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