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Although Pixar has only made 24 movies, they have been extremely influential in the movie industry. While some are more creative than others and are arguably more important theme-wise, all of them tell a story. Pixar movies have made an impact on people throughout their entire lives and are tied to some people’s happiest memories, which is why so many love them so much.

Some, however, have very strong and unique opinions on how good/bad certain Pixar movies are. That’s why the LHS Magpie staff posted a survey on Schoology, in which students and staff ranked their top ten Pixar movies. After the ranking results were in, the movies were placed in the appropriate ranking according to a point system in which a vote in a category earned a movie a certain amount of points for each ranking, and at the end, it was totaled and ranked based on which movies had the most and which had the least points. For example, if Finding Nemo earned 21 votes in the second place category, that movie would earn a total of 189 points in that category. Here is the ranking of Pixar movies from 24-11, according to students and staffs’ opinions along with the author’s personal thoughts.

24. Onward

23. Toy Story 4

22. Soul

21. Toy Story 3

20. Cars 3

19. The Incredibles 2

18. Cars 2

17. A Bug’s Life

16. The Good Dinosaur

15. Toy Story 2

14. Monsters University

13. Finding Dory

12. Brave

11. Luca

And now for the top ten.

10. The Incredibles – A movie that definitely deserves a spot in the top ten and deserves to be ranked higher. The storyline and characters are lovable.

9. Inside Out A controversial entry into the top ten. Did it have a new and interesting concept? Yes. But, did the characters inspire an emotional connection and inspire additional viewings? No.

8. Cars Considered a classic because of the memorable characters Mater and Lightning McQueen, this movie is usually ranked high among audiences, including this one. But it’s not top ten, let alone top eight worthy because of the plain storyline.

7. Toy Story This author very much agrees with this placement. This movie is the best out of the series, and everything about it is likable, especially the incredible voice actors Tom Hanks, Wallace Shawn, and Don Rickles, but it needed more to be placed higher.

6. Wall-E This movie is great. From the cute storyline to the visuals to the amazing overall message, this is definitely in the top five, so this placement is unfair.

5. Coco This is definitely the best newer Pixar movie, and the soundtrack is very well-done. It definitely deserves the top ten, but movies such as Wall-E and The Incredibles are better, so this should be lower.

4. Finding Nemo This is a very close second in this author’s personal ranking because the story is original, and the soundtrack especially is remarkable with how well it fits the movie, like the theme song and “Beyond the Sea” by Robbie Williams. So, this movie deserves way higher.

3. Ratatouille This film doesn’t deserve this type of honor and no apologies. Again, the emotional connection wasn’t there; therefore, no interest was taken when watching it, and although there was character development, it wasn’t strong, like for example, This author didn’t really feel the love between Collette and Linguini, and nothing previously that led up to their relationship was believable, so that plotline was kind of disappointing. It’s a great movie, and the title is so unique and clever, but it’s just nothing compared to others in the author’s top ten.

2. Monsters, Inc. This movie was really, really good. It has a high rewatch quality because the story never fails to be interesting, and there are also lots of memorable quotes in it. This is definitely worthy of 3rd place.

1. Up If any Pixar movie is worthy of first place, it’s this one. So many emotions are felt throughout the entire movie like sadness, anger, happiness, etc. So much character development is done throughout this movie too, like Carl Frederickson being nicer to people after his experience with Russel and learning about his relationship with his dad. Along with that, there is a happy ending that makes sense, with Russel having a new family, and Carl having something to save him from the depression he suffered from his wife’s death. Overall, a fantastic movie that is definitely the best of Pixar’s work.