Students’ Opinions on Russia and Ukraine


Flickr | CC BY 2.0

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022. The war is ongoing. Flags of the Russia and Ukraine on the black background.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for around four months. This amount of time has allowed for dozens of different opinions to be created. These opinions are diverse, especially when it comes to students. Currently, Ukraine has lost more of its military and its population than Russia has, This is a good indicator of how the war is going. On March 15, the United States gave Ukraine $13.6 billion dollars for military, humanitarian, and economic assistance. The U.K has helped Ukraine with many of the same matters that we have helped with, such as providing assistance for their military, their citizens and their economy in general.

“I think Ukraine is on the right side because all they tried to do was join NATO. It seems like Putin wants to rebuild the Soviet Union, and with Ukraine wanting to join NATO, it doesn’t seem like he had a chance,” freshman Ared Ruiz said.

In a war that has consumed media attention and has affected the economy, many people have found that Russia is likely in the wrong. However, Russia has done a few good things throughout the course of this war. Such as standing up for their beliefs.

“When I think about Russia, I think about the people because I know the people are doing things right. I’m pretty sure that there are Russian people that help the Ukrainian people because like I said. This is a war between Putin and everybody else, not the Russian people and not the Ukrainians,” Dawson said.

Most people on social media and in-person agree that Ukraine is likely in the right when it comes to the war. They have been defending their nation with their more limited military resources and the bravery of their soldiers.

“I do feel as if Ukraine is doing some things right, it is their right to fight back and to protect their lands from Putin, and since Putin was the one to attack first, it would give them a reason to do whatever they can for their country,” sophomore Tyler Holcomb said.

Swedish people support Ukraine by protesting the war in the streets of Stockholm. (File:27 Feb 2022 in Stockholm. Demonstration against the Russian Invasion of Ukraine | Wikipedia Commons | CC BY-SA 4.0)

In this war, many countries have come to the Ukrainians aid, some of these include the U.S and the U.K. Many members of the military and other non-for-profits have gone to assist the Ukrainians in their efforts.

“Me and my brother are really close, but he’s not in Ukraine and he is not in Russia. he is currently in Poland, which is right in there. He is only in Poland because Poland is a NATO country. If their war spreads out into Poland, then they are going to be able to join the war. Poland is NATO, and that will push nato into the war, which they are trying to stay out of currently. That’s why they aren’t in Ukraine,” Dawson said.

Whenever somebody hears about a war there is a good chance that they would think about fighting in it. Some would immediately shun this idea away because maybe they are not capable or don’t think they are capable of fighting. Others however may believe that if given the opportunity they would fight for what they believed in.

“I would consider fighting in the war because I don’t want people to die or others getting separated from their families, but I’m not sure if I’m capable of fighting in wars. I can’t see myself mentally handling being in wars. Hopefully, by the time we are out of high school this conflict will be over,” Ruiz said.