Magpie Turns a Year Old and Looks to the Future


Vasan Nomany

Each section page features a lead story followed by an article feed of past stories.

“LHS Magpie’s” birthday is just around the corner. The website launched on May 18, 2021. Putting together the website wasn’t as easy as you might think. The website was initially created, designed, and launched by graduates Lesley Alcala, Ethan Hopper, and Sam Dexter at end of last year. At the start of this school year, five students, sophomores Kylee Langley, Emily Sanchez, and Leah Alder along with seniors Chandler Achey and Rosalinda MarcosPascual, had the task of creating the regular publication process for the website.

“At the beginning of making the website, I didn’t know much about it considering I didn’t work on it when it was first made, but after I learned how to work it. It was very easy to maneuver,” Sanchez said.

The main page of the website features links to the newest article for each section. (Vasan Nomany)

Though the website was published a year ago, they didn’t stop working. They continued making developments and growing as a staff.

“Starting from nothing basically, Kylee, Emily, Chandler, Rosalinda, Mr. Pearcy and I all worked together on this sort of design project on Google Sites to maybe get an idea of what different designs of different pages would look like on the website,” Alder said, “We presented our results to Mr. Pearcy, and we thought that Kylee’s design looked the best, so Pearcy constructed the website based on that design, and we figured out a basic understanding of what our main page and section pages would look like at the beginning of the school year.”

All the students in the project made a contribution of some sort. Then, once it was published, they were all proud to say they were a part of making something great.

“The one thing that I contributed to was making the red header on the top of the website. We had an assignment to make a main page to get an idea of what we would want the website to look like and my design was picked, which made me really happy. I hope we get to add more designs in the future.”  Sanchez stated.

This year, the “LHS Magpie” staff has covered a wide range of topics. Pictured here are some older articles that have been done by alumni. (Vasan Nomany)

“LHS Magpie” isn’t stopping there. They’re always improving and are even looking into new sites. Now that they’ve established a brand, they’re considering branching out into a new and possibly better opportunity.

“Google Sites was a great starting point as we transitioned from print to online and learned how to operate a website. However, there are several limitations. So, we are transitioning to a new website platform. This will allow us greater flexibility next year as we look to publish multiple times a week and expand into multimedia content like podcasts and videos,” Pearcy said.