Review: Ranking the ‘Scream’ Movies

With Scream 7 just confirmed, here is a ranking of the Scream movie franchise
Ghostface as seen in Scream (2022).
Ghostface as seen in “Scream” (2022).

The “Scream” franchise has been around since 1996 and has had many movies. All of the movies have the same premise: there is a killer called Ghostface that is killing people and a group of teens have to survive and figure out who it is. Up until 2022, the killings have been surrounding a girl called Sidney Prescott, the final girl of the franchise. A final girl refers to the last girl(s) or woman alive to confront the killer, ostensibly the one left to tell the story. In 2022, they took a direction and made a requal, which means it is a new cast with some old cast members with a new challenge to face a new Ghostface to survive. This ranking contains spoilers throughout the “Scream” franchise.

6. “Scream 3”

There are many reasons for “Scream 3” to be in last place. The main reason is that it doesn’t really make sense. The movie is set four years after the first killings. Sidney is forced out of hiding when another Ghostface comes and begins to kill the cast of the “Stab” movies, based on the first killings. The reason why it doesn’t really make sense is that there are many scenes in the movie where there had to be at least two killers in order for events to happen. You could make the argument that they were in a Hollywood set that Ghostface could use, but it still wouldn’t really make sense how he was able to move around so fast. Also, it is bothersome that Ghostface is barely in the movie itself and we didn’t really get to know him before we found out he was a Ghostface. It was cool to see them making a film about the events of the movies before it with the survivors of the previous attacks interacting with the people playing them in the movie. This is still a good movie. It’s just not nearly as good when compared to the others in the franchise.

5. “Scream 5”

This movie is set 25 years after the first one and is a requal. Some new and old cast members fight off the Ghostface that has come. Now, Ghostface wants to attack the relatives of the original attacks. Although the whole concept is trying to make the new “Scream” movies similar to the first one, it was too similar. It was the same thing as the first movie with the boyfriend and his friend being the killer. It was still cool to see the whole thing unfold though since at that time we didn’t know they were doing that. The other thing is that Gale and Sidney barely got any screen time in the movie. They were in the originals, and they didn’t really have a big part in the movie. The good parts of the movie is the plot twist and kill that happened which makes the movie more intense and had more stakes. Props to the person who came up with that. It was also nice to see the movie end like the first one at Stu Marcher’s house.

4 . “Scream 6”

It has been one year since the attacks in “Scream 5,” and now the survivors of the newest attacks are no longer in their hometown of Woodsboro. They are in New York, and Ghostface has followed them. Now, they have to face Ghostface in a bigger city and have to watch out for Ghostface tricks up the villain’s sleeves. Similar to the last one, they tried to make the sixth movie more similar to the second in the franchise. A good thing about it was being able to see what Ghostface would do when he had a bigger environment to attack them. A great thing about this was the opening scene, the fact that it was a fake, and how you thought Ghostface revealed themselves only for him to get killed too. The movie is really good and has a lot of good qualities like plot twists and Ghostface using different weapons, but just like the one before this one, it mimics the second movie too much. It had the same concept: the family of one of the killers came back for revenge and wanted to avenge them. The movie is good and suspenseful, but it just would have been better to make a new storyline and show us something we haven’t seen before.

3. “Scream 4”

This movie is actually really good even if it doesn’t seem like it at first. First of all, Jill Roberts’s, Sidney Prescott’s cousin, is one of the Ghostfaces. This movie was also recreated from the first one, but it was still original and put in different elements. The movie is about Jill trying to be the final girl whose boyfriend tried to kill her and killed all of her friends. She wanted to become Sidney and the only way she saw that happening was for it to happen to her. That was something you didn’t see coming instead of making the movie like the first one. They made it so that someone who wanted fame would do anything for it, even killing her friends and family. They also made it different by recording every single kill they did like a documentary, which was a cool idea for the movie. This movie was really enjoyable and funny and contained elements that really separated it from the rest.

2. “Scream 2”

This movie does a really good job of showing the characters having to deal with what happened to them in “Scream,” and it is really great to see. Sidney is in college and has to deal with what happened to her in high school, but then Ghostface comes back. Some big things happen that are shocking. First of all, Randy was killed by Ghostface. Not only this but Dewey was stabbed eight times and still survived somehow. It also really gave Gale Weathers character development, which was great since she is one of the best characters. One part that was really enjoyable was when Mickey, one of the Ghostfacers, makes Sidney believe that her then-boyfriend Derek was the other Ghostface and made her second guess herself in trying to save him. Then, you find out the other Ghostface is Billy Loomis’s mother, and she wants revenge on Sidney for killing her son. This was unexpected because we knew nothing about his mother except when Billy, Sidney’s ex-boyfriend, says that she left. This was a big twist that was handled very well. Overall, this is a great movie to watch if you want to watch a slasher.

1. “Scream”

Out of all the movies in the “Scream” Franchise, this one takes the cake. First of all, this is the first one so we don’t really know what to expect. Sidney has just lost her mother the year before and has to see the man who killed her say he didn’t. Not only that but then Ghostface starts killing people she knows and then comes after her. The plot for this movie was great and the cast was even better. Now, the opening kill scene in this movie is so iconic. One of the most enjoyable scenes from this movie is the end when there is a party at Stu Marcher’s house. We got to hear Randy talk about the rules of horror that were true and get more kills and the reveal of Ghostface. It is very sad when Tatum, Sidney’s best friend, dies because of a garage door. So, Sidney and Billy are upstairs when Ghostface comes and kills Billy or so we think. We find out that Ghostface was Billy and Stu, Sidney’s and Tatum’s boyfriends. This was an amazing reveal and to find out they were the two who really killed her mom. There are so many iconic lines in this like “What’s your favorite scary movie?” or “We all go a little mad sometimes.” This is why this is the best movie out of all the “Scream” movies.

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