All Things New with LHS Dance Team

As the new school year starts off, many clubs and sports are also starting back up. One of these includes Logansport’s Dance Team, previously known as the Berryettes.

For the past year, the dance team has been coached by Sarah Fisher, who also teaches at Franklin Elementary.

“I’ve always loved dance. I was on the dance team throughout my middle school career and my freshman year of high school. I just really loved dance and being able to teach at the elementary level and work with dancers at high school level is really a rewarding experience,” Fisher said.

Logansport’s Dance Team has been more recognized this school year than in the past few years. This has resulted in the dance team growing in size and getting more opportunities than before.

“This year we’ve not only had a lot more opportunities to perform, but our team has doubled in size. Everything is louder and more exciting. We didn’t even have any seniors last year,” junior Emily Cole said.

Due to the growth of the team in the past year, something new is JV and Varsity teams.

“The team has doubled since last year, but for the most part, we are one team. The only difference is that the Varsity is my main competition team, but I’m encouraging everyone to learn competition pieces and really work for being on that competition spot,” Fisher said.

Someone who joined the dance team last year is sophomore Ivy Padilla, who is currently dancing for Varsity.

“My friends were in it, and so I decided to join. They seemed cool, and I thought it would be easy. It was not easy,” Padilla said.

One of the few males that have joined the dance team was Padilla. Before, this wasn’t as common and actually prompted a name change for the team entirely.

“We’ve become more inclusive in who is on the dance team, and I think changing the name really brought out that. We do have boys on the team now, and Berryettes is more of a feminine name, but really breaking away from the Berryettes has helped change the whole image of the dance team,” Fisher said.

Due to the atmosphere of the dance team, many students feel as if the team has brought new friendships and even a second family.

“I love that we’re all like a really big family, and we can all go to each other for anything,” sophomore Carissa Dawson said.

Overall the dance team is continuing to evolve and grow. If any students are interested in joining the dance team, listen for any future callouts or contact coach Fisher. Make sure to go out and support the Logansport Dance Team during any games or other events this year.