Review: Jung Kook’s ‘Golden’ Review

The “Golden” album was released on Nov. 3
The Golden album cover features Junk Kook.
The “Golden” album cover features Junk Kook.
Allen Ritter, Banx & Ranx

Jung Kook currently stands at 34.4 million monthly listeners on Spotify, standing 100th in the world. Jung Kook also performed at the FIFA World Cup Qatar opening ceremony in 2022 and is a member/vocalist of the band BTS. He recently released his first studio album “Golden” on Nov. 3. This album drags its audience through every emotion, from happiness to sadness. 

1. “3D” featuring Jack Harlow

“3D” definitely has a catchy beat along with some interesting R-rated lyrics. Jung Kook describes how he is love-struck, describing that he wants to see his girlfriend in “3D” a.k.a. in person. That’s when Jack Harlow comes in and sings his part. This song was definitely a mood booster/confidence booster.

2. “Closer to You” featuring Major Lazer

“Closer to You” starts with Jung Kook singing about how he would love and support this person at their lowest point. He describes he wants to hold this person closer over and over. Then, he talks about how they are meant to be together, even after trying and trying multiple times. This is overall a pretty short song, but it’s catchy and soothing. 

3. “Seven” featuring Latto

Seven starts with Jung Kook commenting about how he feels that they’ve met in another life. The lyrics are very explicit as he describes their love. The beat overall is energetic compared to “Closer to You”  as it is more flowy and relaxing. It transitions to Latto singing towards the last minute of the song. Latto’s part was just as explicit as Jung Kook’s. This song has a type of cleaning and dancing beat. 

4.  “Standing Next to You”

This song reminds older viewers of the 90s as it has a funky upbeat throughout the song. This is another iconic song that describes lovemaking. “We’ll survive the test of time they can’t deny our love” At (0:55) seconds into the song, I interrupt this as a cute moment as Jung Kook explains that no matter what he will still love this person. He continues talking about how they won’t be able to split them apart, he will be next to this person throughout everything that will happen. 

5. “Yes or No”

This song seems to explain how Jung Kook feels. He explains that it’s his way of putting his feelings out. We can see that he’s overwhelmed. He says that he’s going to trust his heart. In this whole song, he wants to know if this other person can feel this love. He asks the golden question, “Are we falling in love?” followed by yes or no. Jung Kook seems love-struck throughout the entire song. This song is energetic yet calming in a sense. 

6. “Please Don’t Change” featuring DJ Snake

“Please Don’t Change” Starts with Jung Kook describing that his life is on camera, adding on by saying that there’s nowhere to hide. He continues saying that if this person was light years away he would stay the same for them. He then asks the person if they would do the same if he was in their position. Jung Kook asks this person to not change as he loves them the way they are.  This song just seems to be the same cycle of Jung Kook asking them not to change.

7. “Hate You”

This song starts off seeming to be a heartbreak-related song as Jung Kook sings about how he wishes this person did unforgivable things, hoping that hating them would be the only way it wouldn’t hurt him. He continues singing about how much he hates this certain someone, even saying about how he paints them as a villain even though they weren’t. This whole song is just Jung Kook talking about his heartbreak and how he clearly misses this person and their relationship. It’s a quiet and calming song.

8. “Somebody”

Jung Kook explains that this person doesn’t feel the same about Jung Kook. He can sense the lack of love. This short song just explains this nasty acceptance that neither of them feels the way they had felt for the other. He just hopes that this person finds someone who will love them regardless, wishing them the best. This song is soft, and it’s nothing too loud or energetic. 

9. “Too Sad to Dance”

This song starts with being heartbroken once again. We follow along as he explains that this certain person is not coming back, but he can’t seem to accept this. Jung Kook explains that he’s tried to get back with this person. However, this certain someone didn’t want to hear these repetitive words. This song just explains how depressed Jung Kook feels after this nasty breakup once again. This song is soothing with some soft background vocals.  

10. “Shot Glass of Tears”

Jung Kook describes this person to be so addictive as he describes that she makes him fall in love until he’s sick in the stomach. He continues describing that he’s numb now that she’s gone, asking if he’s ever going to feel again. He seems to be stuck in this same cycle, almost representing what heartbreak feels like. Describing that it’s full of grief and denial with a whole lot of horrible habits. 

Throughout this album, we can see a relationship blossom and fall apart quickly. Songs 1-6 describe how Jung Kook is deeply in love with this other person. We can see the decline happening in the song “Hate You” as it took a quick turn. This whole album will certainly take you through an emotional ride. 

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