Logansport Volleyball Team Battles Against COVID-19


Halle VanCuren

Junior Berlyn Huff practices hittting the volleyball while junior Finley Hettinger looks on.

This year, the LHS volleyball team has gone through some challenges. With new coaching and the constant threat of the coronavirus, the Lady Berries have been off to a rocky start.

“It’s been difficult because she hasn’t been able to see us grow as players,” senior Kassie See said.

During summer workouts and league games, expectations for how the season was going to go were high and full of optimism.

“I thought we played well in the leagues during the summer, so I was excited to see how we’d play,” senior Halle Rennewanz said.

At the very beginning of the season, the volleyball team was put under their first quarantine. This made them miss a scrimmage against Caston High School and caused the cancellation of the Cass County Tournament.

“It really put us behind,” senior Alicia Sutton said.

The Lady Berries struggled for their first few games after the quarantine. It seemed as though they were having trouble finding their rhythm.

“We weren’t really used to playing with each other yet, and it really showed in how we played,” See said.

After a recent game against Pioneer, the Lady Berries seemed to finally find their groove.

“Obviously, anyone could tell that we haven’t had the best season so far, but I think the last game is where we were starting to find our rhythm and how to properly work as a team,” senior Ambria Gittings said.

Just as the LHS volleyball team was starting to feel more confident, they were struck with another quarantine.

“It’s made it difficult to keep our momentum going. I think we start playing well but lose it once our team gets quarantined,” Rennewanz said.

Now, the team is back together and the season is back in full swing. Last week, the team participated in three away meets, coming up short against Lafayette Jefferson High School and Knox High School and ending up with a win against Attica Junior-Senior High School.

The next Logansport volleyball game is at home against Manchester on Wednesday, September 22, 2021. Junior Varsity will play at 6:00 and Varsity will follow.