Review: Génesis by Peso Pluma

On June 23, 2023 Peso Pluma dropped ‘Génesis’
Génesis is a regional Mexican/trap corrido album.
Génesis is a regional Mexican/trap corrido album.
Double P Records

“Génesis” is Peso Pluma’s third studio album. This album includes collaborations with Eladio Carrión, Natanael Cano, Blessd, Junior H, Tito Double P, Jasiel Nuñez, Grupo Frontera, Los Dareyes de la Sierra, Edgardo Nuñez, Luis R Conriquez and Gabito Ballesteros. Peso Pluma explained that he called this album “Génesis” because to him “Génesis” is the beginning, a beginning of a new era for Mexican music. This album won him a Grammy for Best Musica Mexicana Album at the 66th annual Grammy Awards. “Génesis” has 6,793,156 daily streams so far.

“Rosa Pastel,” by Peso Pluma and Jasiel Nunez Rosa Pastel, is about a young person with a lot of ambition and is determined to succeed in business. In the lyric, “En mi cabeza siempre mi papá, Saludos pal boss que está junto a Dios,” he is referring to his dad always being on his mind who is now with God. The title “Rosa Pastel” refers  to the business his dad left behind for him. “Rosa Pastel” didn’t really stand out, but it’s overall a decent song. Even though this is a good song, it didn’t really keep my attention all throughout. It mainly caught my attention in the beginning, but I do think it’s a really good song. However, compared to the other songs off the album, it was missing a catchiness to it.

“Luna,” by Peso Pluma and Junior H, is him talking to the moon and telling the moon to take care of the girl he once loved and still loves but no longer sees. The girl is described like a shooting star and the type of girl you only meet once in a lifetime. In the song, he is telling to tell her that the moon is telling her that she won’t see him, but the moon will forever see her, which is why he is asking the moon to take care of her and watch over her. In the lyrics “Tiempo pa saber que tu ya estas con otro, Y espero te cuide bien” he is saying that time has passed, and she is with someone else now. He hopes he treats her right. This song is definitely one of my favorites from the album. It really stuck out to me because you can really feel the sad emotion in the song, and it’s just a song that makes you want to scream your lungs out while you listen to it.

“77,” by Peso Pluma and Eladio Carrion, is about the life of being a drug dealer. In the song, they talk about the things they own like expensive watches, cars and drugs. They also mention how they can’t trust anyone. I feel like this is probably my least favorite song from the album just because I don’t like how Eladio Carrion’s voice sounds on this song, but besides that, I would say it’s good.

In “Rubicon,” by Peso Pluma, he is singing about how people judge and talk bad about him without knowing what he’s like. In the lyrics “No les pongo atención, Y muy poco les cero” he is saying that he doesn’t pay attention to the people talking bad about him nor does he believe them, and in the lyrics “Son pocas amistades a mi lado” he is saying that he has a few friends by his side who are loyal. A Rubicon is a Jeep, which he mentions in the phrase “Ahí me vieron pasar en un Rubicón,” saying that the haters saw him pass by in a Rubicon. In the song he sings about passing by in a Rubicon, always being positive, working hard, and accomplishing his goals. “Rubicon” is a really catchy song. It’s definitely not one of my favorites, but I still think it’s a good song because of the catchiness it has to it.

“Carnal,” by Peso Pluma and Natanael Cano, is about a night out with friends going to parties and making money and wasting it how they want to. They use the lyric “alista los botones,” which translates to prepare the buttons, but it refers to getting the drinks for the party. The chorus “Yo ya me quiero enfiestar carnal” translates to “I already want to party homie.” Here he is talking to his friend, his ‘homie,’ and telling him he wants to party.” The lyric “La morra no me deja de marcar, quiere que me controle” is him saying that his girl won’t stop calling him, and she wants him to control himself. But, he just wants to party. I feel like this song is 100% underrated. It’s not in my top three off the album, but it’s still a really good song. I just don’t really like how Peso Pluma’s voice sounds in the first line of the song. I feel that if he sounded different in the first line then this song would be way better, it’s still a good song though.

“Las Morras,” by Peso Pluma and Blessd, is about living a high-end life filled with girls who they drive crazy. The song starts off with “No paran de llegar, Billetes vienen y billetes van.” This translates to “They won’t stop coming, Bills come and bills go” It’s referring to girls coming and going but so is his money. This song talks about driving all the girls crazy because of the lifestyle he is living. I really liked the melody of this song; although, it’s not one of my favorites off the album, it’s definitely still a good listen and it’s really catchy.

“Gavilan ll,” by Peso Pluma and Tito Double P, gives a perspective of who el Gavián is, a cartel member. Although, no one knows who El Gavián specifically is. The song starts off with “Ya me escucharon por ahí, Mitotes han de sobrar, No me importa” He is saying that you’ve heard of me. There’s a lot of rumors going around, but I don’t care. In the song, they are talking about El Gavián’s lifestyle and his actions. I really liked this song. It gets you really hyped up, but I don’t think I could consider this song one of my favorites off the album just because I feel like it’s missing a catchiness compared to some of the other songs in this album, but I do like this song I just have to be in the mood to listen to it.

“VVS” by Peso Pluma, Edgardo Nunez, and Los Dareyes De La Sierra is about not caring what anyone says about them, because they have success self confidence, respect, and stay true to themselves. The song’s first line is “Me humillaron sin saber quién soy” translating too “They humiliated me without knowing who I am.” Y al que miraban para abajo, la vuelta les dio, Diamantes en el cuello, VVS” this means that the people who looked down on he know turns his back to them, because he has diamonds on his neck VVS which is a more expensive diamond. This symbolizes his accomplishments and how far he has come in life. The song expresses their loyalty and respect for the people who have been there sense day one, when they had nothing and still treated them the same. I feel like this is a really good song but not of my favorites because I feel that the beat of this song in the very beginning  is really good and its a type of song that get’s you hyped up, but towards the middle I feel like it doesn’t really keep that energy as much as it does in the beginning, it’s still a good song though.

“SU CASA” by Peso Pluma and Luis R Conriquz is a song about Jalisco, the song talks about their association with the criminal activity that’s happening in Jalisco. In the song they mention a “Senor” who is the one in charge and in all control. They also mention that the “Senor” has a vast amount of power with having tn thousand people under his command and military arms. The song is describing Jalisco’s underworld of criminal activities “Su casa” means “His house” this is referring to Jalisco being el “Senors” house. I really like this It’s catchy but I wouldn’t consider it one of my favorites, although I do feel like this song is underrated I don’t really hear much people talk about it but its’s definitely a good song.

“Lady Gaga” By Peso Pluma, Junior H, and Gabito Ballesteros is about living the luxurious life style of parties and extravagance. The song talks about being surrounded by thousands of woman’s at clubs, having private planes, yachts , exotic cars, and a crazy amount of money . The chorus of the song is “Dom Perignon Lady Gaga, lentes en la cara” he is saying he has a bottle of Dom Perignon Lady Gaga, hes referring to a champagne brand that collaborated with Lady Gaga and only dropped 110 bottles. The song describes this lifestyle as if they are playing GTA in real life, with their biggest issue is deciding what car they should use today. Peso Pluma made history with this song it was the first Mexican song performed at the VMA, which is a big milestone for Mexicans. I feel like “Lady Gaga” is a really good listen I really like the start of the song it really caught my ear when I first heard it, it’s definitely one of my favorites off the album its just so catchy to listen too.

“ZAPATA” by Peso Pluma is a song celebrating his rise to success. Zapata is  a Mexican revolutionary leader Emiliano Zapata. Peso Pluma mentions him because in the song he talks about his struggles that he had to go through to get to where he is now, hes comparing them to the ones Emiliano Zapata had to face and how they both had the ability to handle difficult situations. “ Ya coronamos” is slang for “We won” here he is referring to how first he had to struggle kinda like Emiliano Zapata had too but in the end they won so it was worth the struggle the had to go through. This song didn’t really catch my attention I would say it’s an okay song it’s still good just that I don’t think there’s really a catchiness to it.

“PRC” by Peso Pluma and Nataanel Cano is a song about the extravagant and dangerous lifestyle they are living. “Los teléfonos nunca paran de sonar Si no es alguna plebita, es porque es un cliente” this line is saying that his phone never stops ringing if its not a girl then its a client. In the song they talk about how they enjoy the lifestyle that they are living and the money that comes from it. “PRC” is definitely a good song but when the album came out this song had already come out in January of 2023 so by the time the album dropped I had already heard this song a lot, but it is a good song just that it wasn’t one of my favorites.

“LA PEOPLE” by Peso Pluma and Tito Double P  talks about when the Mexican government tried to capture a drug trafficker in Culiacan under the Sinaloa cartel the song talks about how he controls Culiacan and the power he has. “No se lo pudieron llevar, Los verdes andaban bien bravos demás, Me tuve que salir por atrás” this is referring to how he got away from a military and how he escaped from the back door, but from this military raid he lost all his money. “La People” is a type of song that wakes you up and gets you hyped up, I could be extremely tired and listen to this song and completely wake up. This song just gives you a big energy boost it is probably one of my favorites on this album there’s just something about the beat that’s so addicting listening to it and it’s a free energy boost too.

“NUEVA VIDA” by Peso Pluma  is a song about a new life that he is living with his career as an artist. “Nueva Vida” translates to New life “ Rodeado de lujos y no materiales” translates to “Surrounded by luxuries and not materiales” is referring to being surrounded by luxuries like family and loyal friends rather than materialistic luxuries. He also mentions his life before and how his parents always gave him a good life “Siempre buena vida me dieron mis padres.” I really like the melody of this song although it is not one of my favorites its definitely close I just like some of the other songs better, but I do really like this song mainly because there’s just something about the melody in this song that too good.

“TULUM” by Peso Pluma and Groupo Frontera talks about falling in love with a girl who is in a relationship, they talk about how the girl’s boyfriend isn’t worthy of her, she’s too good for him. “Muchas fotos de vacaciones por allá en Tulum Pero se que tu cora no te hace turum-turum” is saying that he’s seeing pictures of her with her boyfriend in Tulum on vacation but he knows her heart doesn’t feel anything when she’s with her boyfriend. “El te compró un Rolex, pero yo te di mi tiempo” is saying that her boyfriend bought her a Rolex but he gave her his time, which is worth more than anything. Although this is a sad song it puts me in a good mood the beat of the song is very cheery I would say for a song that is meant to be sad, it’s not like one of my top songs off this album but I do really like it.

“LAGUNAS ” by Peso Pluma and Jasiel Nunez is them gazing off to the moon and reflecting on a past relationship, the moon is peaceful, it’s an almost perfect night the only thing missing is her by his side. “De lejos es mejor, No por mi esto es por los dos’‘ here he is saying that he has to admire her from afar because it’s better for both of them. ”Y nado entre lagunas de mi mente, Que se hacen por saber qué se siente, Volver a besar tu frente “ Here he is saying that his mind is engulfed in a river flooded with thoughts of her trying to remember what it feels like to kiss her forehead again. This heartbreaking song is just too good its a really moving song it just puts you in a sad mood although it’s a really good song, this is one of my favorites of the album.

“BYE” by Peso Pluma is a song about him saying his final goodbye to a girl he once loved, that he can’t stop thinking about “Sigo pensando en tus gestos cuando se me cruza otra” this is him saying that he thinks of her gestures when hes with another girl. “El dolor poco a poco se fue borrando” is him saying that the pain he was feeling is little by little going away. In the song he explains that he doesn’t know when it went wrong between them, but the story has come to an end and it was the best for both of them. “Bye, Mejor sigue tu camino” here he is telling the girl bye and for her to continue her own path without him. I really like the melody of how this song starts and all throughout the song. It is definitely my favorite song off the album when the album first came out I had this song on repeat it’s really catchy and the melody is just too good.

Overall, I really liked this album it has some of the songs I listen to the most. I would 100% recommend this album to someone but is definitely an emotional roller coaster because you could have it on shuffle and it could go from a song like “LA PEOPLE” and being super hyped up to a song like”LUNA” and get sad.

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