Chinese Club: Homecoming


Jerika Razer

Chinese Club members are running down the street during the Homecoming Parade.

The Homecoming parade this school year is going to be more exciting than ever, especially for the Chinese Club, run by Chinese teachers Yi-Chun Lin and Chunmei Guan. 

With this year’s preparations in effect, Lin hopes students will explore the Chinese Club.

“I love that we can offer students different opportunities to experience Chinese cultures outside of the Chinese language classroom,” Lin said. 

This year’s Chinese Club Homecoming candidate was announced as senior Halle VanCuren and Yazetl Dominguez- Lopez. 

“I’ve been in the Chinese Club for four years, and I love representing our club and other Asian Americans,” VanCuren said.

VanCuren is also the president of the Chinese Club. 

“As the President of the club, I love meeting new members and going to the events that the club participates in,” VanCuren said. 

Having been in the club for so long, VanCuren has had wonderful experiences in the club. Being a source of strength for her throughout the nomination process and thus far in her presidency has been the people and memories that have been made throughout her high school years.

“My high school experience has been shaped by my friends, classmates, teachers, and academics, and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” VanCuren said, “My family has been my biggest supporter.”

Lin has been sponsoring the Chinese Club since 2012, and is excited about this year’s parade preparations.

“Our Homecoming King, Yazetl, and Queen, Halle, will be sitting in a red convertible car, and our 20 plus Chinese Club members will walk behind the car,” Lin said.

Being able to represent the Chinese Club is important to VanCuren because of her own heritage.

As an adopted Asian American, I’m also able to explore more of China’s culture and traditions,” VanCuren said.

During her time in the Chinese Club, VanCuren may have had many fantastic opportunities, but she humbly admits that winning is not the most important thing on her mind.

I’m honored to represent Chinese Club, but it won’t be the end of the world if I don’t make it to Top 5,” VanCuren said.