Q&A with Humberto Baez about His Love for Soccer


Courtesy of Humberto Baez

Humberto Baez is shooting at the goal in a game against Mccutchen.

What made you want to get into soccer? 

My family got me into soccer when I was little, my oldest brother would take me out to the park and play with him.

What position do you play? 

I play the striker/attacker position.

Do you have a favorite team uniform? If so, what?

A professional team uniform, PSG’s galaxy kit from the previous season last year.

As a soccer player, what is the most important thing to you on the field? 

The most important thing to me on the field is to keep your mind and nerves cool and play with passion.

Would you rather play on turf or grass? Why?

 I’d rather play on grass, turf feels nice but the ball moves too fast, and is harder to play on turf if it’s wet. 

Do you have a certain routine or special habit before a game? 

A special routine I like to do before a game is to take deep breaths before a game and hop on my tippy toes to stay on my feet and get my mind right.

Ronaldo or Messi? Why?

Ronaldo has taught many athletes that talent means nothing if you don’t put in the hard work as well.

Do you have any type of celebration after scoring a goal? If so, what? 

Yes, I usually point to the sky after scoring a goal as a sign of “thank god” and reminding myself I’m a child of god.

Whom do you consider your rival? 

I consider the team “Harrison” our rival. 

Who is your inspiration? 

My inspiration is Cristiano Ronaldo for the same reason he puts out an image of working hard and being disciplined to achieve anything you want.

What is training like? Do you practice every day? 

Training is quite challenging, more technical-based practices rather than physical. We focus on improving our weaknesses. I try to train every day if possible, if not on the field then in the weights room.

Do you play any other sports? Which ones? 

I also used to run track and wrestling, I am currently a kicker for the berries football team.

What is your favorite professional team? 

My favorite professional team is the Spanish club Real Madrid. 

What are your team goals for this season? 

Team goals for this year are to rebuild the Logansport soccer team, we have a very young team filled with potential that I’m sure they will develop next year, so we are getting ready for that.