Girls Golf Looking to End Stand Out Season Strong


Beth Myers

Shooting her first shot of a par 3, senior Chloe Crook swings through the ball with a smooth follow through.

Did you know that the Logansport Berries girls golf team has not won a NCC title since 1980? Did you also know that the last time the Berries were ranked in the top 20 in the state was 1992? 

Seniors Chloe Crook, Myleigh Moon, Reiss Weaver, and Kendra Sutton pose for a team picture. (Beth Myers)

The Logansport Berries girls golf team have made a name for themselves this season. They are carrying the hype and success they received since winning the sectional title a year ago.

“Being ranked in the top 20 in the state is a great feeling and accomplishment for the whole team,” senior Chloe Crook said, “We have worked so hard to get here and it’s incredible to see how far we have come as a group. We may be excited with the achievements we have made since last year, but we are eager and hungry for more as we approach the postseason.” 

Most of the time, great teams and success comes from multiple hours of practice and perseverance. That is exactly what this team has been through lead by 4 seniors: Myleigh Moon, Chloe Crook, Kendra Sutton, and Reiss Weaver.

“I have been coaching this group for 4 years now,” Coach Lundy said, “They are great leaders and support one another on and off the golf course. The accomplishments they have made since the sectional title last year just shows the hard work and dedication each and every one of them puts in the game. My favorite part of being with this group of seniors was when we won sectionals and jumped in Lake Shafer.”

As much as Coach Lundy praises her group of seniors, they appreciate her just as much.

Lining up the golf ball, senior Myleigh Moon is focusing on where her ball is going to break to drop into the hole. (Beth Myers)

“I think we were more proud of getting her NCC Coach of the Year because she has done so much for us,” Senior Reiss Weaver said, “Without her, we would not be where we are at. She has prepared us since day one and she has given us all the confidence to go out there and win on any stage at any level.” 

As the girls are approaching their way to make a deep run in the postseason, the school and community are keeping notice for a potential extraordinary season that will never be forgotten in Logansport High School history. Around the school, you can sense some juice in the air with the excitement around this team. 

“It is going to be a close race to first place this year because of the teams we play in the sectional. We have to shoot low and we believe that we can do that,” Crook said.

Top-level teams will be in the Logansport girls golf team’s way, but Coach Lundy has all of the faith that they can do it. 

“Our goals and hopes are high, but we know the teams in our Sectional and Regional will be tough,” Lundy said, “We know that if we play the way we are capable of playing, we can make it to the state finals on September 30th.”