Disney Presents New Upcoming Marvel Shows


Courtesy of Marvel

“Daredevil Born Again” was one of the series announced. Charlie Cox will return to the roll of Daredevil.

Major streaming networks recently have exploded with new original shows, specifically superhero original shows. It’s almost impossible to go on social media and not hear about the newest show that has everybody interested. 

Disney recently has been going strong with shows like Wanda Vision and Moon Knight. Marvel recently expanded their cinematic universe with the addition of She-Hulk, A show about a lawyer-superhero that premiered on August 18th. At the end of last week’s episode, Marvel gave us a sneak peek of today’s episode “(title here)” which had fans of Daredevil excited as he would return. 

Students have also watched She-Hulk and are excited about future episodes.

“I really liked She-Hulk, I watched a couple of episodes, but so far I think it’s a really good show I enjoy it quite a lot,”  junior Benjamin Atkinson said. “The emotions in it and the way it is put together, it has great cinematography. I cannot wait for future episodes,” 

Guardians of The Galaxy Holiday Special

 is the upcoming original movie that will be released in December of this year. Fans have been wondering where the guardians have found themselves after Thor Love and Thunder. Guardians of The Galaxy Holiday special will mark the end of marvels phase 4, but after Marvel’s panel at Comic-Con San Diego this year we got new information about what shows we will be seeing in the future.

Secret Invasion

After Disney’s “D-23” event, Marvel finally has shown us what they have planned for the return of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. The last time we saw Fury was at the end of Spider-Man Far From Home in 2019 and we will see him return nearly 4 years later in “Secret Invasion”, which goes in-depth on how marvel heroes have been replaced by shape-shifting aliens. Secret Invasion is set to release somewhere in the spring of 2023

Spider-Man Freshman Year

This show will go in-depth about Spider-Mans origins and see him interact with characters we didn’t see in live action. But it is set in a different universe, which surprised fans because originally it was announced last year that it will be connected to the Marvel cinematic universe. Either way, fans are excited to see new Spider-Man content.

 “When it comes to new and upcoming Marvel shows or any show for that matter, I don’t really like to  get involved or even watch trailers because I find it to be exciting to not really know what’s happening in the upcoming shows, I want to be surprised about what goes on,” Atkinson said

Marvel Zombies

The Spin-off to the What if episode (What If… Zombies?!) Marvel Zombies will be a continuation of that episode, which ended in a shocking way, Thanos had collected all but one of the infinity stones needed to wipe out half of the universe, but as the camera shot to Thanos’s face, we could see that he has been turned into a Zombie. There hasn’t been an official release date for “Marvel Zombies” but fans have been speculating that it will be released sometime around 2024

Daredevil: Born Again

At San Diego comic-con Marvel finally revealed their plans for what they have in store with Daredevil. This 18-episode-long series coming out in 2024, has actors Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio from the original Netflix series return to their roles as Daredevil and Kingpin.