Apple Releases the Next Generation of iPhone


Courtesy of Apple

The iPhone 14 comes in four different colors, one being deep purple.

Apple is back at it with a new phone, the iPhone 14. It’s said to have a unique new method of iPhone interaction, revolutionary safety measures intended to save lives, a cutting-edge 48MP camera for astounding detail, and the ultimate smartphone chip that powers everything.

It became available on September 16. It costs $999 before trade-in, or $41.62 per month, for 24 months.

Despite the phone being said to be revolutionary, many weren’t impressed. Freshman Sydney Vo is just one of the many people left unimpressed with the new phone.

“Honestly, I wasn’t surprised,” Vo said, “I was just disappointed about the lack of changes they had on the base model.”

There are many pros and cons to getting this new phone. Some pros are its 48-megapixel camera, dynamic island, and now an always-on display. The cons are no SIM and USB-C, only a 3x optical zoom, and the camera enhancements weren’t as huge as Apple suggested.

“I wouldn’t get it because the new models didn’t have many improvements.” Vo said, “They’re just boring, they don’t add too much to the phone itself. Why even bother buying it if it’s basically the same as an older and cheaper model.”

Surrounding the release is a slight controversy around this new phone. The entire smartphone industry may be viewed as one huge family where businesses constantly steal features. Apple is accustomed to receiving features from Android OEMs and vice versa. It turns out that two of the iPhone 14’s standout features have really been originally from Android.

Two of the new features in the iPhone 14 series were adapted from Xiaomi phones which were previously only available on Android devices. The feature “stolen” were dual ambient light sensors and dual-frequency GPS functionality. 

Vo explains their view on the situation.

“I don’t think it’s too big of a deal, companies come out with new phones every year, and each model is bound to have either the same or similar features.”