Yearbook, Newspaper Sell Extra Photos

This year, the Publications Department came together to start selling their extra ‘Tattler’ (yearbook) and ‘LHSMagpie’ (newspaper) photos. Anyone student, staff, or community member can buy them. They are selling sports photos, concert/choir, band, homecoming, Fiddler on the Roof, intramural soccer, Esports, the pep session in 2021, and many more. Customers can get these photos downloaded and/or printed.

Downloaded photos will be $2.50 each. They are also selling paper prints in a luster or glossy finish with sizes ranging from 4×6 all the way to 30×40. Wallet size photos are also available.

Last, but not least, customers can buy keepsakes. These include refrigerator magnets, mugs, puzzles, mouse pads, and other fun items. To buy any of these, customers can go to

“You want to buy these photos on SmugMug because not all of these photos are in the yearbook. The ‘Tattler’ staff takes a bunch of photos that are not seen, ” junior Finley Hettinger said.

There are a lot of photos that get taken throughout the year that are not seen by the public eye.

“People should buy these photos so they have them for graduation parties and for their parents to have. It’s a really great platform to see action photos of you and your teammates,” junior Halle VanCuren said.

These photos would be great for graduation parties to show off your senior year, to keep that photo of you doing the things you love like the sport/club you are in, in High School, and even to decorate your room.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time and it’s always outstanding how many photos are left at the end of each year. As much as we wish to cover everyone in the yearbook, there is limited space. This is a great way to showcase all of the photos we have at the end of the school year, especially sports. But, there are other events like the school musical, band, and choir. We hope to continue giving everyone the opportunity to see memories we’ve captured throughout the year,” senior Emily Gellinger said.