The Season is Coming to an End for Girl’s Cross-Country


Beth Myers

As sectionals get closer, the team comes together to listen to what the coach has to say.

It’s not long before the season is over, and the girls are trying to do the best they can for upcoming sectionals. Saturday, October 8th is the day of sectionals for the girls cross-country team. They have been preparing for that day for a while now. They have had a good season so far according to returning members. This year, the girls want to improve and get better at the sport.

They have worked so hard this season, and now it is time for them to show the other teams that. The girls have come a long way compared to the beginning of the season, to now.

“I think it has gone pretty well. Everybody is improving and getting better,” sophomore Libby Dexter said.

Some of these girls have been in cross-country for a long time and have been hooked ever since. Others are brand new to the team and this is their first year.

“I have been a part of the team since 6th grade because it’s fun to set new goals for myself,” said Dexter. “Also, I enjoy the team.”

Sophomore Claire Bundy has been in cross-country for 5 years now, and she really enjoys the sport. Along with her other teammates, they would agree that this season has gone well for them. 

“Nervous because it’s a big meet,” Bundy said. 

This year there are a lot of freshmen and sophomores on the team. There aren’t as many upperclassmen as in previous years, but nonetheless, they have still come ready to win. This will be a tough meet, but they believe they can do it.

“I’m nervous, but excited because it’s a really big meet, and it’s the last meet,” Dexter said. “I wanna try and get a new PR.”