Football Preview: Logansport vs. Richmond


Vasan Nomany

The Berries prepare for a snap in the Logansport vs. Kokomo football game.

The Logansport Berries (5-1 ) will be traveling to Lyboult Field to face off against the Richmond Red Devils (0-6) on Friday, September 30. 

Before the Logansport vs. Kokomo football game, Senior Izak Mock storms out of the Berries tunnel. (Vasan Nomany)

The Berries are currently ranked fourth in the NCC with a 3-1 record, defeating Arsenal Tech (36-27), McCutchen (28-26), and Marion (43-7). The Berries are currently ranked 25 in the 4A division. 

“The season is going pretty well. We’ve only had one loss, and we’ve been pretty solid for the small team we have,” senior Luis Ortiz said. “One thing that we could improve on is our endurance and stamina to be able to play the whole game without getting tired, but that has slowly been coming.”

The Red Devils are tenth in the NCC with a 0-4 record, after losing to Arsenal Tech (49-0), Lafayette Jeff (80-0), Anderson (28-0), and Muncie Central (57-8). The Red Devils are ranked 62 in the 4A division.

After Kokomo takes over on downs, junior Issac Russel jogs to the Logansport sidelines. (Vasan Nomany)

“If we beat Harrison next week, we are looking to tie up the NCC for NCC Champs,” Ortiz said. “ We are at one loss in the NCC, and we don’t want anymore.”

On the offensive side of the ball, Ortiz is leading the Berries with 138 rushing yards per game. Junior Issac Russell is averaging 36 receiving yards per game. On the defensive side of the ball, senior Grayson Long averages 4 tackles per game.

Richmond isn’t too much of a worry,” Ortiz said, “Last year, we threw up 60 against them, and I think they only scored once.”