Recognizing Hispanic Heritage


Jerika Razer

The bulletin board in G-wing displays facts about Hispanic culture with artwork representing Frida Kahlo.

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Diversity Club represented the month throughout Logansport High School with little facts and colorful decorations around the school. 

These decorations are all over the sky bridge and around the whole building. The president of the club, sophomore Valeria Cortes, is excited to stand up for herself and the other Hispanic members of the Diversity Club this month.

“A lot of our members have a Hispanic background, and we are happy to celebrate this month with them,” Cortes said.

Flowers are displayed on a mirror by Diversity Club. (Payton Mucker)

The variety of decorations and representation in the school is calling attention to the subject, allowing everyone in the school to be more aware of topics that they may not know that much about involving the cultures of many students and people in general.

“There are little facts around the sky bridge that even I didn’t know,” Cortes said. “Diversity Club really tried to include different Hispanic cultures.” 

As the month continues, the club will continue to celebrate the Hispanic culture not only with more decorations but activities for the whole school to participate in.

“We are excited to have a spirit week in October so that everyone can support their Hispanic peers,” Cortes said. 

The spirit week will run from October 10 through October 14. Monday’s theme is showing off the Hispanic culture. Wear something that represents a Hispanic culture. Tuesday’s theme is LatinXpride. Wear something to celebrate Hispanic culture like a jersey or dress like a Hispanic figure shirt like Selena. Wednesday’s theme is to highlight Hispanic culture by wearing neon colors. Thursday’s theme is to wear your favorite soccer team jersey. Friday’s theme is viernes ranchero. Dress as a cowboy or cowgirl.

We hope that many people will participate not only for fun but to also support their Hispanic peers,” Cortes said. “I feel like it is important to express each of our cultures.”