Sports Briefs: LHS Girls’ Basketball Team Shoot Their Shot at Sectionals


Lacey Ogle

Logansport High School basketball team playing Lafayette.

The LHS girls basketball team arrived at this season’s sectionals against Lafayette Jeff. They played at 6:00 pm at Marion on Monday. They were very excited and confident in their abilities going into it.

LHS team playing Plymouth. (Lacey Ogle)

“Our team works pretty well together when we put our minds to it. Almost all of us have played together growing up on travel teams and things like that, so we know how to play with one another, and we are all good in our own skill set that contributes to the team. I believe our team is pretty well prepared for the sectionals this year, but we still have to continue preparing if we want the win,” sophomore player Laney Pearson said.

With that mindset, they beat Lafayette Jeff 59 to 37 and have advanced to the sectional championship. They will play Tuesday at Marion against Northwestern at 7:00 pm.