What is Preventing Students From Getting Their Work Done?


Vasan Nomany

Some of the study hall classes are either in the upstairs lecture halls or in some teachers’ classrooms.

Study hall is a period of time in a school curriculum that is set aside for study and the preparation of schoolwork. Study hall should be a time to get schoolwork done and to focus on our school life.

A lot of students don’t use it properly. Most students are bored and would rather do other things than schoolwork. A lot of students are on their phones, sleeping, bored, or lacking the motivation to do their work. There are so many other distractions/reasons not to do work,but there are the more common distractions/reasons.

For that reason, it causes a lot of problems with missing assignments. Four hundred and seventy-three students had to stay this past Fast Friday. Most likely some of them have a study hall. So, what are they doing in the study hall? Nothing.

One of the biggest things students do to “cure” their boredom is social media. During the pandemic, the whole world was in quarantine, and social media started to blow up even more, especially TikTok. TikTok is one of the teens’ biggest addictions to their phones. Most everyone has TikTok. Quarantine helped TikTok get get it fame and everyone started to get obsessed with their phones because that is what we were doing during quarantine. You could scroll through social media for hours, with all the different social media platforms, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. There are hours of scrolling through social media, looking at our favorite celebrities and social media influencers.

Students aren’t getting much work done in class or in study hall because they are attached and addicted to their phones. They can not leave their side. They’re always looking at it and checking to see if they got a notification. They have to use their phones for everything. A lot of students will be in the same room and be texting each other, but just don’t want to talk. It’s just sad. Use your voice and not your phones for everything.

Many teachers have noticed that students are dealing with lower motivation and easier distraction. Many people have noticed that some classrooms turn off some of their lights during class or after work and even in study halls. Teachers usually do this to allow students to see the projector better. However, is also encourages sleep.It gives students the opportunity to sleep in class. As a lot of students don’t get enough sleep, they should be doing school work instead of sleeping. Sometimes students fall asleep in class because they stay up late into the night or early morning. Phones are part of that issue for some of us.

According to Telegraph Online, students are becoming way too dependent on technology as it makes work easier. They are not developing their thinking skills as technology is spoon-feeding them information. They use Google and so on to complete projects and homework instead of doing them on their own.

I would have to say that most of the time study hall isn’t worth it. I did not have work in the study hall because I got it done in class. When I did have work needing to be done, people were being distracting so I could get my work done. If we had a quiet place to get work done, where we didn’t have our phones on us we would get so much work done. Study hall is meant to be a silent, non-distracting place to get schoolwork done, but these days it’s not people who are distracting and just don’t want to get work done.

In many classes there are signs saying “don’t take your earbuds or phones out during class time,” but many students still have their phones out and are on them. What is the point of having the sign up but not enforcing the rule? Some of my classes have a bucket where they will take their phones if they are on it too much, but I’ve never seen it being used. In my Algebra class, my teacher has taken students’ phones because there were on them during her lesson and when she was teaching. It’s upsetting for the teacher because it shows you don’t care. Yes, a lot of students really don’t care about school, but it’s very disrespectful to be on your phone when the teacher is talking or teaching.

Some teacher should enforce there rules better, if you going to have a sign that say no phones during class actually make it a rule. It should be addressed more, and have a ground rule about it. Teachers shouldn’t have to tell students to put their phones away, the student should know. Like we’re doing a lesson, I should put my phone away in my backpack and wait till the teacher says that they can have their phones out. Teachers should tell the student when they can have their phones out but they should have been doing schoolwork if they have work to do in class. As a corporation we should try to enforce better phone policies. Making rule if we going to have sign about no phones during class time to make sure we are using the rules. Each class room should have a rule that say no phones or earbuds out during class. We should try make sure that students keep their phones in their bags during the teachers lessons.