Getting to Know the LHS Tech Crew


Courtesy of John Vales

The McHale video crew records a staging of Bye Bye Birdie.

The LHS Drama Club has recently made the announcement for their upcoming production of Fiddler on the Roof, and along with this announcement comes a lot of excitement, especially coming from the McHale Tech Crew. The techies have had a long history here at LHS, and students should get to know what tech is, and who some of the people involved are.

This year, the head of the tech crew, McHale Facility Manager/Lighting Designer John Vales, has a few things to say in regard to what the tech crew does.

Freshmen Valeria Cortes and Savannah McMinn assist Jeff Szymanowski with building the set for Fiddler on the Roof. (Courtesy of John Vales)

“Anything that happens on the stage. We provide staging, scenery. We seat up, tear down, lighting, sound, as well as that. There’s a lot of pre-planning as well, so before events. Just to make sure that we have everything ready for the event or performance,” Vales said.

Vales was excited about the news of the production of Fiddler on the Roof.

“I would say yes, especially since it’s something different. It’s a mix of a comedy and a drama, and it has good music in it,” Vales said.

Assistant Manager/Scenic Designer Jeff Szymanowski is the other head of the tech crew along with Vales. Szymanowski had this to say on what his favorite part about the tech crew was.

“I guess just getting students interested in tech, bringing out their hidden talents,” Szymanowski said.

Senior Brooklyn Gordon, who is the head electrician of the tech crew, seems excited about the play as well.

Stage Manager James Zinsmeister, graduate, calls cues for a tech rehearsal of the play Agatha Rex. Assistant Master Electricians freshmen Aiden Snoeberger and Justin Snay run the lighting console. (Courtesy of John Vales)

“Yes, I am. This year, I am going to be stage managing the show, so that means a lot of hours in the theatre, getting things ready, and making sure the show will run smoothly. Although it can be stressful at times, it’s a really fun experience, and seeing the outcome of the show, everything is done and put together in front of an audience. It is 100% worth all of the hours and the stress put into making it happen. Also, I’ve never seen this musical before, so that’ll be cool too,” Gordon said.

Gordon has a little bit more to say regarding her favorite thing about tech.

“I would say my favorite part about being in the tech crew is the experience. The people you get to meet and know along the way. The many people you get to work alongside. Along with all the different experiences you get technical-wise. It’s a very fun place, where anything can happen,” Gordon said.

Any student interested in joining the McHale Tech Crew should contact Vales at [email protected].