Dance Team Competitons

The Logansport High School dance team had a competition last weekend on January 15, 2022.  The scores increased from December’s scores. The jazz piece placed third and was very closely scored to second. Solos increased their scoring by 10 points each. Although, the hip-hop opening did not place in the first three. They plan to do even better in the next competitions on February 5 at McCutcheon High School and Regionals on February 26 at Lake Central.

They compete with jazz and hip-hop most of the time.

“I choreographed the jazz to ‘Work’ Song by Hozier. Andy Rojas-Rodriguez assisted me in choreographing our hip-hop to ‘Mi Gente,’” coach Sara Fisher said.

The Dance Team dances to a variety of styles, ranging from lyrical to jazz to hip-hop. Fisher choreographs the solos and the whole group pieces. She also choreographs others, but she likes to showcase student choreography. The dance team will have a dance showcase in May that will highlight their past dance performances.

“Competitions are really complicated,” junior Emily Cole said.

When the dance team arrives for the competition, they check in and find their classrooms. Each dance team gets assigned a classroom for their dressing room. They then get dressed and do whatever makeup is needed as fast as they can. After this, they go to the hallway to stretch for their dances. When it is a home dance, they perform in the aux gym. The school hosting the dances usually sends someone to get the competitors and remind them of rules such as.

“If we go over the two-minute time limit, we will be docked points,” Cole said.

The Dance Team is a place for happiness and a way to express themselves

“When I was on the dance team, it made me feel happy in every part of me,” freshman Ashanta Curry said.

In a way, the dance team gets to do this and entertain the rest of us in school spirit. It brings warmness and another meaning for home to the team members.