Berry Broadcast S15E1: Season Premiere

We’ve completed our super-sized Season 15 Premiere. Meet the new cast.

Our Homecoming Special slowed us down a bit, but we’re officially back. We hope you enjoy the time and love we pour into the show. Thanks to all the students and staff for their time and participation. All of you help make our broadcast so fun to do, and drive us to edit to the best of our ability. See you out there all year long.

  • 00:00 Season 15 Cast Intro
  • 00:38 School Announcements
  • 02:47 Fast Friday and Teacher Tips
  • 04:26 Beat around the Block: Episode I
  • 06:30 Spirit Week: What’s your Favorite Adam Sandler Movie?
  • 08:00 Culver’s Grand Opening!
  • 14:33 2022 New Teachers, Part I
  • 17:56 Picture Retakes
  • 18:14 Pep Rally BTS (Behind the Scenes)
  • 23:00 Thanks for Watching
  • 23:17 Episode Dedication