Performances in the Variety Show


Jennifer Anaya-Serrano

One of the 14 acts in LHS’ Variety Show, sophomore Justin Snay stages himself at the ready during the practice show.

On October 13 and 14, Logansport Community High School will have its Variety Show, directed by Anthony Kinney, at McHale Performing Arts Center. New and old performers will be setting the stage with a variety of talent.

Thursday’s show is public and available to anyone. Parents, families, and friends can all go see the performers at 7 p.m. Friday’s show is available to students who purchased tickets during lunch periods starting next week. Students will go to McHale at 2 p.m. during seventh period.

Talents vary from dancing, singing, playing an instrument, or all three, with each talent having its own meaning to the performer

Playing the Hulusi, an instrument over 2,000 years old, sophomore Kiara DeInnocentes will play “Bamboo in the Moonlight” in the first half of the Variety Show. (Jennifer Anaya-Serrano)

Students have a variety of emotions before they perform. Some are nervous and anxious about performing on stage, while others are extremely confident and excited to be performing

“I wanted to perform because I’ve performed in the talent show since I was in second grade, and it’s sort of grown to be tradition,” senior Luna Tafolla said. “This is also my last year at LHS, so I wanted to end it on a good note.”

Last year, Tafolla performed “All of Me” by John Legend. This year, she will be singing a song from a different language and genre

“I am going to sing, ‘El Color De Tus Ojos,’ from Banda MS,” Tafolla said. “I feel excited to sing a song that represents my country and culture”

Sophomore Justin Snay has several years of experience

“I have been playing the piano for about seven years. I am self-taught,” Snay said. “Learning the piano is difficult. However, once you get past the difficult music theory, the world of sheet music is yours to conquer.”

Tafolla also has multiple years of experience.

“I have been singing since I was six, and have taught myself how to sing with range and motion,” Tafolla said.

Snay’s motivation for performing is connected to wanting to share his love of music.

With seven years of piano under his belt, Snay participated in the Variety Show last year as well. (Jennifer Anaya-Serrano)

“I wanted to perform in the variety show because I love music, and I want to share it with other people,” Snay said. “I have practiced my music for a long time, and I believe that I am ready to perform in front of the school”

Snay also performed in last year’s Variety Show, playing “Ad Astra” on the piano.

“At first, I was very nervous to perform in front of people. In last year’s Variety Show, I also played the piano,” Snay said. “It was very nerve-racking. I had never performed with a piano in front of people like that before. Now, I am used to the crowd. Choir and the musical have helped me with that.”