Berry Broadcast Presents Sch**l C*ns*rsh*p: A Mini Documentary

This was a short documentary created by Amanda Harrington, Xander Wilson, and Michael Hill. It covers many topics ranging from school censorship and politics in schools to parental involvement in the classroom.

Please take your time to enjoy this, and we hope you can take something away from it.

The first cut finished on 5-26-22, and the project was completed on 8-23-22.

Note from Mr. Packard:

These three students were responsible for all the pre-production, production, and post-production of this piece, and are great students within our Berry Broadcast. I am very proud of them for identifying a topic they cared about, going through proper channels before embarking on their journey with this hot topic, and spending weeks seeing the project to completion. Great job. I also commend all the students and staff who were open to participating when asked. We love you.