Sports Brief: Results Are in for the Cheer and Dance Team


Courtesy of Emily Sanchez

LHS Cheer team making a heart with their pink pom-poms to support breast cancer.

This past month the Cheer and Dance Teams held tryouts. It was tough for coaches to pick, but the decisions were made.

Dance team captains are Emily Cole and Carissa Dawson. Also on the team are, junior Gracie Kitchell, Caleb Conard, sophomore Leah Alder, Finley Gay, Ivy Padilla, freshman Andy Rojas, Angelina Moore, Laylah McLaunghlin, and 8th grader Atlanta Ackerman.

The members of the dance team pose for a team photo. (Courtesy of Carissa Dawson)

Dance Coach Sarah Fisher says it is never an easy task to pick the team for next year. But they look for positive people in tryouts.

“Choosing the next year’s team isn’t always an easy task. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing our dancers. Luckily, I had the help of my captains, Emily Cole and Carissa Dawson, to help me. One of the biggest factors we look at is attitude and effort, and we saw a lot of positives in those who tried out,” said Sarah Fisher.

For anybody wanting to be on the dance team next year, there will be another tryout during the fall.

Cheer Team results for varsity are juniors Ashley Aragon, Bella Padilla, Kiley Harrison, sophomore Kate Barber, Jaelyn Benish, Alexis Enyeart, Libby Evans, Ivy Padilla, Emily Sanchez, freshman Sophia Kay, Isabella Lucero, and Hailey Velasquez. Junior Varsity freshman Gracee Baer, Sandy Balcazar, 8th grader Sarahi Aguilera, Athziry Antunez, Lindsey Beckman, Monica Coss, Reese Rennewanz, Alexandra Solis, Naila Solis, and Gianna Williamson. Alternates include Madison Goforth and Atlanta Ackerman.