The Importance of PSAT and Why Students Take It


Isabella Lucero

Mrs. Clem’s class is working hard preparing for the PSAT.

The PSAT and SAT have been around for a long time. The PSAT was created by the College Board and was first administered in 1959. The SAT was first issued to high school students in 1926. The PSAT is very important to take. The test provides a taste of what it’s like to take the SAT, and it can help students strategize as they think about their college applications. When students take the PSAT in their junior year, they can apply for the National Merit Scholarship Program.

While colleges take the SAT score inst of the PSAT score,  it’s still very important to be prepared for it by taking the PSAT. Students can earn different scholarships by getting a good score on the PSAT too.

Review the data, go beyond just a score, and drill down your weaknesses.

— Matt Jones

“The state has mandated that all kids have to take the SAT their junior year to get a score,” principal Matt Jones said. “Typically, it can be here or at another school. Students try and get the highest score possible for college entrance.” 

There are many ways students can prepare for the PSAT. One of them is a  resource called Khan Academy, which can help students practice their Math and English for the PSAT.

“The Khan Academy is a great resource for students,” said Jones. “Review the data, go beyond just a score, and drill down your weaknesses.” 

Some people thought the PSAT was easy, but others didn’t. Reviewing really helps students in taking the PSAT by going over and practicing what they have done in their math class this year and also last year.

“I think it was very easy, and I didn’t struggle very much. I think I did pretty decent,” said freshman Erin Williams. “At first, I was nervous about what was going to be on it, but then when I took it, it was all stuff I learned last year, so it was really easy.”

Upperclassmen take the SAT test, and to some students, it is less complex than the PSAT. Students have the choice to take the SAT as many times as they want to get a better score on it than last time.

“I wasn’t nervous because this time in October, it was my fourth time taking it. But, the first time I was definitely a little nervous, but you can retake it,” senior Halle VanCuren said. “Personally, I think the SAT is easier than the PSAT.”