Students Embrace the Season of Scares and Frights by Dressing Up


Courtesy of Samuel Esqueda

Posing in their Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy costumes, sophomores Samuel Esqueda and Diego Torres prepare to trick-or-treat.

Holidays around the year have varying traditions surrounding them. With Halloween, however, one stands out and stays constant every year. 

The tradition started over 2,000 years ago with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. People would wear costumes, light bonfires, and leave out food to ward off ghosts. When they were conquered by the Romans, they noticed that their own festival for the dead was around the same time as Samhain. This led to the decision to combine the two holidays, resulting in the modern holiday known as Halloween.

Today, people wear costumes on Halloween for fun, to express their creativity, or to show off their interests.

“This Halloween, I’m dressing up as Alvin from Alvin in the Chipmunks,” senior Atticus Picardo said. “I didn’t really choose them, my girlfriend and our best friend did, but I don’t mind because it’s funny.”

Although it’s easier to use clothes you already have, other students choose not to. 

“I’m going to buy my costume,” sophomore Samuel Esqueda said. “I don’t trust myself making it.” 

Buying a new Halloween costume doesn’t have to be expensive, though.

“I am buying mine because I needed a pink dress,” junior Lacie McDonald said. “The dress itself cost about $36. I got it from Amazon.”

Some people even chose to combine both options.

“I have some things that can work for my costume,” Picardo said. “It will probably cost around $25. I’m not spending that much, maybe even less depending on if I go to the thrift store or not.”

When narrowing down costume choices, some have easy options.

“My boyfriend and I considered going as Velma and Shaggy,” McDonald said. “My dog looks like Scooby-Doo, but we decided not to.”

For others, it is more difficult.

“I’ve been considering another costume for two years now, but I still haven’t done it,” Picardo said. “I have been wanting to dress up as Mike Shannon because it would be funny, but I haven’t had the chance to.”

Students are enthusiastic about getting into costume.

“Heck yeah, I’m dressing up,” Picardo said. “Who doesn’t?”