Wrestling Season Preview


Vasan Nomany

During practice, senior Christian Hernandez attempts to take down junior Devin McAninch.

As the winter season is approaching, wrestling workouts are swiftly starting up. They must either lose or gain weight to get their physique in shape before their first match.

“We know how important this time is because we want to be able to compete at the weight where we know we can win a lot,” senior Diego Pasley said. “I can use this time to get ready as I am fighting in the heavyweight division.”

The seniors still have great expectations for themselves even though the squad will be more short-handed on experience.

“This year’s team objective is to qualify at least five of us for regionals,” senior Christian Hernandez said. “At the end of the season, I think a few of our more seasoned players can probably advance in the state tournament. I’m pretty confident about this season as a team if everyone puts forth their best effort, and I’d like to see myself and Diego advance to the semi-state because I know we both can.”

In coach Sam Fry’s second year as the head coach, he has their full trust in getting them ready to compete and win.

Wrestling is all about progressing as the season goes on,” Hernandez said. “I think Fry does a good job of making sure we are all getting better day by day, but whether it’s a winning record or losing, the state tournament is what really matters. It’s a team sport but your match is on you, so I believe that if we keep getting better, you never know what can happen.”