Travis Scott Food Review


The Travis Scott meal was a $6 item on the McDonald’s menu. According to the Chicago Tribune, this was McDonald’s first collaboration with a celebrity since Michael Jordan in 1992.

With Travis Scott’s great popularity among the masses, it is no wonder that the superstar’s quarter pounder meal took the world by storm. McDonald’s all over America had shortages of meat patties and various other ingredients.

Due to the high demand, I had to give the meal a taste, and let’s just say I was not overly impressed. I knew going in that it was not going to be anything special. It was just a McDonald’s quarter pounder with fries.

The burger itself was decent. It was juicy with good overall flavor. Upon biting into the burger, the bacon with the shredded lettuce created a crunchy texture. Bacon also added onto the beef patty’s savoriness while the cheese countered that with it being hot, BBQ sauce came with the meal, and by adding it to the burger, it added a much needed tangy flavor boosting the quarter pounder’s quality.

However, The Travis Scott meal was just not the quarter pounder. It came with those famous salty fries and crisp McDonald’s Sprite.

By the time I finished, I would say I was rather satisfied. I didn’t feel the need to eat more food, and the meal left me pretty energized.

For $6, I may have not the meal again. It was good, but definitely overhyped by the media. The meal was not good enough to cause a shortage of food at almost every local McDonald’s.

If I were to give it a rating out of ten, I would most likely give it a 6/10. Because out of the $6 out of my wallet I paid, I wouldn’t say it was worth anymore.