A Fresh Start For The Cass County Humane Society


Maddison Sell

Owner Lisa Terry is holds one of many cats up for adoption at the Cass County Humane Society.

Adopting a pet is seen as the first thing to consider when wanting a new pet. An adoption is a good option for people who would like to adopt an older animal that wouldn’t require much training. It’s also good because it’s cheaper than buying from pet shops or animal breeders. The operator of the Cass County Humane Society, Lisa Terry, agrees wholeheartedly.

“We do everything we can to find adoptable homes that are healthy and happy for the animal, and it fits in with the family,” Terry said.

Cass County Humane Society works to do the best that it can to be a no-kill shelter, but there is truly no such thing. 

“There will always be incidents where animal control may bring an animal that has been hit by a car, or they come in here and then there are all kinds of diseases,” Terry said, referring to the types of pets that they would have to put down. “There’s parvovirus, which is very very contagious and bad for dogs, so most times those dogs have to be put down so that it doesn’t spread within the shelter.”

The name Cass County Humane Society implies that they are a government-funded agency, but they don’t, in fact, get much money from the county, and they get nothing from the city. Because of this, the Humane Society is undergoing a name change to Pets R Us.

“We get no money from the city, so we’re trying to educate people when we fundraise,” Terry said.

Fundraisers are held through Pets R Us with the help of the Junior Board. 

The Junior Board has few members, so they are holding a meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 16 at 5:30 for new members who want to help out. It is free to join and is open for ages fourteen to twenty.

Junior Board member Sidney Baldwin welcomes anyone who wants to contribute to helping the pets. 

“If you love animals, it’s a great way to get involved,” Baldwin said.

Alongside welcoming new staff members and volunteers, Pets R Us is working to improve conditions for the animals and ensure that they will be in the best of hands, even if some animals can’t be adopted yet due to a lack of good health or the pet is just not ready.