LHS Drivers Drive Me Crazy

LHS Drivers Drive Me Crazy

Road rage is something that I experience everyday in Logansport. From people pulling out in front of me, to going under the speed limit, and to someone riding your bumper.

Something that pushes my buttons the most is when people go under the speed limit. I have experienced slow drivers recently. Someone pulled out in front of me as they came out of McDonald’s and proceeded to go 25 in a 35. They could have easily gone after I drove past them, since there was no one behind me, but they instead chose to cut me off.

Recently, I was cruising down Broadway when this SUV pulled out right in front of me. They had to swerve into the bike lane or I would have crushed them. I noticed she was also on her phone. I made a complete stop, and she decided to proceed in front of me. They hit about 25 in a 35. They also went straight in a turn lane as I passed them, making me confirm to myself that obviously they did not know how to drive that well.

I feel as though there are many roads which are known to be hotspots for people to make idiotic mistakes while driving. Broadway and Market seem to be race tracks, where people are always weaving in and out. It’s simply a hazard for one to do such a thing. Don’t ride the bumper of my car as well because it makes me very tempted to go slower. If you’re in such a hurry, maybe you should’ve started your drive earlier. On the other hand, if you aren’t going to go the speed limit, get off the road or learn to use your gas pedal.

Another issue I have noticed is that some people don’t seem to know that they can turn right on a red light if there is no traffic coming. If you turn, it could help the flow of traffic. This would especially be helpful on roads such as Mainstreet and Burlington and also West Linden and 3rd street.

If you simply can not drive the speed limit or enjoy pulling out in front of people, please get off the road and learn to drive better. This causes anger that could be resolved if you learn how to use a gas pedal properly. Driving is not that hard, practice, get better, and do not pose a danger.