Middle School Drug Tests

Middle School Drug Tests


From the moment kids reach middle school, it’s a whole different environment for them. There are so many changes and things going through their minds that they might not even know what to expect until they dive deep into the real world and meet new people that will influence them to new things such as drugs and other dangerous products.

As the years have gone by, the drug “business” or problem in schools has increased dramatically. Since I can remember, drugs at the junior high and high school have been a problem for a while now.

According to drugfree.org a six-year study of junior high students In New Jersey suggested that random drug testing could help prevent substance abuse. Maybe this is what it will take to finally slow down the use of drugs and prevent people from going down the wrong path.

In my opinion, I think schools should drug test middle schoolers because kids nowadays have so many ways to communicate with people with their phones or electronic devices. It’s that easy to come into contact with drugs and adults aren’t noticing fast enough.

Network Academy also stated that people in middle school who are in sports are most likely to be drug tested over average students. Some people may agree with this being done and others may disagree, but in reality I think that everyone that either wants to be drug tested or accused of having drugs or have taken drugs should be drug tested at the end of the day.

In Logansport, there is a drug problem that I can’t deny. More young people are being influenced to drugs everyday because of social media and simply because younger kids might not even know if people put them in candy or baked goods.

A younger kid in town that I know took a bag of brownies home thinking it was normal brownies to share with his family, but thankfully his older brother knew what it was as soon as he broke it apart. He instantly took it away from him and went straight to his parents. This can just show how easy it is for kids to have excess drugs in the matter of seconds.

The simple answer that I think would be best for this problem is to take action and have middle schoolers and high schoolers be drug tested even if they aren’t using drugs. It’ll be the safest.

Middle schoolers being drug tested is closer than we can expect way to help kids in need of help or addiction. I think it will save lives and lead kids on a better path to success.