“Mamma Mia!” Reaches It’s First Audience


Tony Kinney

Donna and the Dynamos sing Super Trouper at Sophie Sheridan’s bachelorette party. Donna Sheridan is played by Gracie Kitchell while Tanya is played by Leah Alder and Rosie by Kelsey Thomas.

Every year the Drama Club goes to all the schools in the corporation to promote the upcoming Winter Fantasy. Choir director Tim and accompanist Susan Cahalan along with theatre director Anthony Kinney provide a selection of songs from the upcoming musical for the students to perform. All of the lead actors get to sing a solo song during the performance. They bring most of the cast to sing, dance, and act for the students and teachers.

Donna Sheridan, played by senior Gracie Kitchell, has three old boyfriends that all come back to haunt her 20 years later: Harry Bright, played by Payton Mucker, Sam Carmichael, played by Finley Gay, and Bill Austin, played by Eli Bault. They are dancing to the post-bows number, “Waterloo.” (Tony Kinney)

Monday, Nov. 19, the Drama Club went on its annual school tour. The group attended both middle schools and all the elementary schools in Logansport. They sang songs, danced, and did dialogue to promote their upcoming show, “Mamma Mia!”. The show dates are Nov. 18, 19, and 20. Senior Gracie Kitchell will be playing Donna Sheridan this weekend.

“I think the school tours are a great way to introduce the Drama Club to younger students,” Kitchell said. “It’s a great way to show the kids what they’ll get to do when they reach high school. School tours are also a great way to promote the show.”

Not only is it a way to promote the show, but it’s also a way to get in front of a live audience for the cast several times before opening night. 

“The cast is able to run through songs, do numbers, and perform in front of an audience,” Kinney said. “Elementary kids and junior high kids, but it’s still an audience. Plus, it gets the word out to all the buildings, both students and staff.”

The cast seems to enjoy the experience greatly as well. Junior Sam Fultz has fun balancing time with his friends and performing. Fultz will be seen on stage this weekend as Sky. 

Bill, junior Eli Bault, and Rosie, junior Kelsey Thomas, sing about taking a chance toward the end of the show. (Tony Kinney)

“I really enjoy being able to go out on the town, some would say, with your friends,” Fultz said. “It’s a day filled with a lot of fun. You have to act like adults and find out how to have fun while also doing what you’re there to do.”

School tours also help the cast to bond leading into the show. Students get out of class for the whole day to spend time doing the things they enjoy.

“I think it is a very good way to bond with the cast,” Junior Eli Bault said. “Especially at the lunch break, because all of you and your friends get to sit at a table together and just get excited for the show. I think it’s a great way to bond.”

Seniors end up reflecting on the school tours, since this is the last tour they get to experience.

“I think it’s so sad,” Kitchell said. “I love doing this every year. I love watching the little kids get really into it and start enjoying themselves. It’s also a great way to bond with the cast. I’m really sad that after this year it’s gone.”

Most of the cast get to become close friends through all the time they spend together. Many of them make an abundance of memories together. 

“I love getting to all the behind-the-scenes stuff,” junior Layla Powell said. “We get to mess around a lot, we get things done, but we mess around all the time. Those are the moments you’ll remember. Of course, you’ll remember the show because it’ll be a great show, but you’re going to remember the little silly moments you had with all those people.”