Among Us Video Game Stays Hyped

Among Us Video Game Stays Hyped

On June 15, 2018, InnerSloth released a game that wasn’t known to many people at the time. While Among Us has been around for a couple of years, it just recently took off from a Twitch stream.

10 people can play at a time, and most of the players are crewmates, and one or two players are imposters.

“It’s just like Clue, and you can take out your frustrations on people. I don’t think the popularity of the game will last, and the hype has already passed. Eventually, it will get boring, especially if they don’t keep changing it,” junior Latisha Sivits said.

Quite a few people are comparing this online game to Clue, a board game that has been around for a couple decades.

Many mobile games have a spike in popularity but then become irrelevant to people when another game comes out, Among Us has already died down in popularity. People would play this game in class, in the car, or times where you don’t have anything to do.

The game comes with an online chat on the server, and this is how players communicate with the other players to discuss who you think is the imposter. After you discuss your vote on the person you want out of the game and if they get enough votes, they are eliminated. Sometimes, the imposter isn’t even voted out. People think a crewmate is the imposter.

Online chat rooms though can be dangerous to young players, with the option of censorship or not, people can be vile on the chat. If you are letting your younger child play, be aware of some of the things people type. If you are an older individual playing, be careful what you say online.

If you want to play Among Us, do it soon, be careful in the chat rooms, and have fun.