2020 Election Civil War?

2020 Election Civil War?


America has been in shambles ever since COVID broke out in mid March. Lots of hate stems for both presidential candidates. People feel like Trump is a racist, homophobe, and has simply not been the best president in his four years in office. People against Biden think he is incapable of forming sentences, can’t remember anything, and people make fun of the way he stutters. Whatever your views are, as a nation we should respect each other’s political opinion, but this is not happening.

Media is a big influence in today’s politics. Different news stations can influence you to lean more towards a certain side. CNN and Fox news are two major news stations that are known for doing this. To be more educated, look at both sides, see what the other party has to say, and then think about it. You can agree to disagree, but sadly this is not happening.

Many people have been expressing their concerns for a potential civil war between the democratic and republican parties, and as silly as it sounds, it is very possible. Tensions between both sides have gotten to the point where whoever wins the 2020 election, the outcome is not going to be pleasant.

Social Media is very influential for the election in both good and bad ways. People are threatening people with death because their political beliefs don’t align, and people too young to even understand politics are being influenced about politics in a completely wrong uneducated way, this is going to make things even worse in the future and make things more divided. People on the Republican side of the party claim hating Donald Trump is just a trend that spawned from social media. This goes both ways with people hating Joe Biden for the way he talks and making fun of him for his speeches.

TikTok, the social media app, has had major influences with this issue. People make videos mocking the candidates or expressing their hate for the candidate. Many people “jokingly” say if the candidate they’re against wins that they are going to riot. Even people in the community we live in are going to express this type of behavior. It’s scary when it hits close to home. This is not a solution to a better America. Yes, you may not want them to win or you may not agree with their policies. Not everyone is going to agree with each other, and rioting is sure not going to fix the outcome of the election.

People are being very stubborn as well to not even take a chance to hear the other side’s views, they think their side is the only right side and the other side is irrelevant. To understand more about policies and the candidates themselves, you have to see both sides.

This country has gotten so divided that people are afraid to express their political opinion because they are afraid of getting bashed and mistreated, and this should never happen. Another civil war is a scary thought, but it seems more real. Washington DC and other bigger cities have begun to board up stores and other things because they know whoever wins, it’s not going to be pretty. It breaks my heart to grow and see a nation so divided, this is not what America should be.

We should come together and support each other and see each other for other things and not just politics because of that I feel that’s a major role of why the nation is the way it is . You can agree to disagree with someone, but a civil war and violence should never be a solution to a problem. Come on America, we can do better than this.