The Best Holiday


Jennifer Anaya-Serrano

One of the many Felix ornaments that hang on the Christmas tree at the entrance of the school.

What is the best holiday? The most popular holiday is Christmas, which is celebrated around almost the entire world.  With Christianity being the largest religion by far, it is not a surprise that Christmas traditions have changed and spread throughout the globe.

Preparing for Christmas, second grader Wallace Aubrey decorated the tree by himself. (Jakson Combs)

The origins of Christmas date back to 1870 when New England officially made it a legal holiday. However, holidays similar to Christmas were celebrated much earlier in ancient Rome.

Why is Christmas the best holiday? Christmas is a day celebrated in the dead of winter when there is a large gap between holidays. Christmas, like many other holidays, is mostly used as a way to celebrate your love for friends and family.

The foods that are served are always delicious and many of the meals are likely parts of traditions that go back hundreds of years. However, the food and the family aren’t what most people first think of when Christmas comes to mind. Many people find presents to be the most endearing part of the holiday.

What are the bad parts of Christmas? Christmas is often over-commercialized. It is used by some companies as a way to gain more profits. Christmas often sets high expectations of others. I have found that many people think of family members and friends as ways to get new things for themselves, free of charge.

Almost every holiday has one thing in common, the way that they all seem to bring people together for a great time. During Thanksgiving, a feast is held and people speak of how thankful they are for the things they have. Similar practices are done with Christmas.

New Year celebrates the fun of the new year with friends and family, sharing stories and small presents similar to what is done on Christmas.

How can Christmas be improved? I believe that Christmas could be improved by becoming more about love and care rather than getting free gifts and food.