The Importance of Music


Vasan Nomany

While focusing on doing his homework, senior Jeremiah Miller listens to music to help him concentrate.

When words fail, music can communicate to everyone and is understood everywhere, fostering social harmony. Music is a charity that unites people on a worldwide level. It is a form of art with a focus on interpersonal relationships.

Each person can express themselves in their own culture through the many various kinds of music.

“Music has been a way for everyone to be different,” senior Grayson Long said. “No one listens to the same exact genres and songs, making it diverse. It impacts society to give people things to relate to one another with and something to help them cope.”

People listen to music in a variety of circumstances because they view it as essential at those times.

Spotify provides access to millions of songs and other works from authors all over the world. (Vasan Nomany)

“I always listen to music in my car and during weights every day,” junior Cooper Smith said. “I also enjoy listening to music while doing homework. Music helps me focus and can bring energy to the weight room.”

Music is not just used to pump up an athlete before a big game or at a party where everyone is having a good time. Music can be used to help with any issues in someone’s life. 

“Music helps me anytime I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed,” senior Alexsa Herrold said. “I enjoy going for a walk and listening to music to escape from reality for a little while.”

Some people listen to music by relating to the lyrics of certain songs while others listen even more deeply depending on where they are at, how they are feeling, and the type of song it is. 

“When I listen to music, I let go of everything and feel the vibrations and sounds,” senior Gavin George said. “It matters in today’s world because that is something someone can rely on to get away and start feeling groovy and good.”

The real question is, do humans need music to survive?

“I think we do need music to survive,” Herrold said. “Even before music was the way it is now, I believe people made their own versions of music.” “Without music in the world life would be dull and very quiet.”