Q&A with Gabby Richie About Her Basketball Career


Ashanta Curry

Dribbling the basketball, senior Gabby Richie looks to make a play and find one of her teammates for a shot.

At what age did you start playing basketball?

At 10 because you’re allowed to start playing sports basketball when you’re in fourth grade.

Who encouraged you to play? 

My dad because we are a very big basketball family. He never pushed me, but once I told him that I wanted to play basketball, he was very on board with it. Then, he started pushing me to get better.

Who has helped you to get where you are today? 

Also, my dad because once I told him I wanted to play basketball, he helped me train and sacrificed a lot for me to be able to play in front of the right people and get noticed.

How do you deal with the pressure to perform in front of a crowd?

I usually tend to just try and ignore it and act like it’s just two teams out there and that there are not as many people watching.

Do you have any pre-game rituals? 

I do pray before a game, and I usually do it during the National Anthem. I also have an energy drink before a game as well.

Why do you wear #11?

I wear #11 because that’s the number Coach Cooper gave me my freshmen year. It just so happens to also be the number my mom wore in high school.

What is your favorite memory of basketball?

Traveling the country with my dad over the summers to play in basketball tournaments with my travel team.

In what area do you think you have improved the most? 

In my shooting ability/efficiency, meaning my percentage of made shots is higher because ever since freshman year my shooting wasn’t that good at all. So over the years, I’ve worked at it and kept practicing even after practice to get better, and eventually, I did get better.

How did it feel to score 1,000 points in your career? Describe the shot.

Emotional because I worked really hard for it. Not everyone saw the work I put into it, but I did. So, it was emotional.  The shot was just a layup. I thought I was gonna miss it at first, but then I saw it go in and started crying.

Are you going anywhere to play college basketball? If so, where?

Yes, I plan on playing college basketball. I do have two offers and am hoping for another one from a specific school. So, I haven’t decided yet. 

What are your team goals/expectations for the remainder of the season?

The team’s and my personal goal for this season is to get above .500 this year. We don’t know the last time the girls basketball team’s record was above .500.