The New Addition to Town


Justin Snay

Construction workers continue to make progress on the new Wendy’s building. This lot used to be home to Taco Bell.

It’s the season of new additions to town with the mall being remodeled and multiple chains making an expansion to the already growing uptown. One of those new chains comes back after a long break with Wendy’s making an appearance once again in Logansport. 

Sophomore Andy Rojas-Rodriguez thinks Wendy’s will bring more jobs into the community. 

“Especially for teens looking for work experience. It’s also a great addition after Culver’s,” Rojas-Rodriguez said.

Students like Junior Emily Cole don’t necessarily like Wendy’s. 

“I think Wendy’s is not a good addition to the town. We already have what feels like a million burger places. I wish we were adding more variety. I don’t have anything against Wendy’s. I just simply don’t like their food,” Cole said.

In a town where the ratio between formal-sit-down restaurants and fast food is weighted towards fast food, students want to stop the invasion of fast food.

“I would love to see more sit-down restaurants come to town. We have countless fast food, pizza, and Chinese places, yet three or four sit-down restaurants,” Cole said.