Review: “Wednesday” is Dark and Brilliant

All eight episodes of Wednesday are streaming on Netflix now.


All eight episodes of “Wednesday” are streaming on Netflix now.

To start the show “Wednesday,” Wednesday finds her brother Pugsley in her locker all tied up with an apple forced in his mouth. In previous versions of the “Addams Family” franchise, Wednesday is known to torture her brother for the pleasure of it, but the switch in her character in “Wednesday” is done beautifully in the way it shows that she cares for her brother.

Wednesday gets a vision after touching her brother, a new characteristic for the character, in which it was the swim team that put her brother in the locker. While the swim team practices, Wednesday decides to get revenge by letting loose piranhas in the pool while the swim team practices. Ultimately, Wednesday gets expelled from Nancy Reagan High School when one of the boys is maimed but isn’t charged with any crime.

As result, Wednesday’s parents decided to send her to Nevermore Academy, the place where they fell in love. At Nevermore, a place where outcasts can come together, Wednesday meets a load of interesting characters. Wednesday meets her roommate at Nevermore, Enid. She gives Wednesday a tour of the school with a variety of different “monsters,” like vampires, werewolves, and sirens.

The casting here is done really well. Jenna Ortega is doing more and more horror-related movies, and it shows in the way she went from loving sweetheart on Disney Channel to the cold-hearted character of Wednesday. The rest of the cast gives off a whole different vibe than Wednesday. The cast shines in their characters’ personalities against the dead-like Wednesday.

There are multiple stories in the series that work and connect really well unlike what many shows do, but there is one mini-storyline about a murder that took place involving Wednesday’s parents that really has no major contribution to the main story. However, this doesn’t hurt the story overall. The show wraps up with a strong end that leaves the audience with a sense of completion while leaving a cliffhanger for another season.