A Look at SNL


Chris Pearcy

This year’s SNL cast list is posted on Drama Club director Tony Kinney’s classroom door. The SNL tradition is to post the cast list using cast members’ nicknames.

With the fall musical “Mamma Mia” ended, there are new productions coming for the Drama Club with SNL in the winter and “Radium Girls” in the spring. Recently, there were auditions for SNL on Tuesday, Dec. 13.

“SNL is a student-written, directed, and performed kind of like a sketch variety show,” English teacher Tony Kinney said. “The students get together, write scripts for scenes, and do videos as well. It’s a comedy show where they alternate sketches and videos back and forth.”

The SNL performance won’t be until Feb. 25 at 7 p.m. The show is directed by juniors Sam Fultz and Finley Gay along with seniors Jenna Gross and Gracie Kitchell and will star senior Hannah Army, junior Elijah Bault, senior Chloe Bender, sophomore Addilyn Brenner, junior Treiton Calloway, junior Dania Fermoselle, senior Maggie Halterman, sophomore Brooklyn Harris, senior Michael Hill, sophomore Jacob Hopper, sophomore Ava Martin, junior Payton Mucker, junior Ivy Padilla, sophomore Layla Powell, sophomore Justin Snay, junior Kelsey Thomas, and junior Xander Wilson.