Hilton Recognized for Her Support of Students


Lori Lange

After receiving her award and flowers, Kaitlyn Hilton posses with Key Club and her husband.

Kaitlyn Hilton, a 3rd-grade teacher that works at Landis Elementary, was recognized by Key Club for her effective use of time in the classroom while using almost every minute to teach and inspire her students. 

“This is the second time I have nominated her,” seventh grader Jasmine Buenaventura said, “I loved her class. She would always make the class fun. I was always really excited to get to class. I loved that class. In third grade, we had to take iLEARN and IREAD, and I was very nervous for it. She made me so comfortable in that class while we did it. She let us take breaks for it. Thanks to her calming us, it was very quiet, and I did really well on both. She will forever be one of my favorite teachers.”

Along with her inspiring way of teaching, she finds creative ways to keep her students entertained during the school day. She finds ways to incorporate interesting facts and data into her lessons in order for the students to understand the material the best they can.

“She always supported me and never made me feel left out of anything,” seventh grader Isabel Hernandez. “She was the best teacher that I had, and she showed me to be nice to people even if they are mean to you.”

Hilton is grateful for the honor. 

“I am very shocked, nervous at first,” Hilton said. “I found it very exciting, and it just feels really good to be acknowledged for doing something.”

As for her family, they showed how proud they were by showing up at the award ceremony.

“I am very proud, and it just makes me so happy,” her husband Michael Hilton said. “It is very exciting getting t see her being acknowledged for everything. I couldn’t be prouder.”

The staff around her is also very grateful for her work.

“She is a rockstar and always looking for creative ways to reach her students,” Landis Elementary Principal Patti Wolf said, “She is data-driven and uses every minute teaching. She is prepared daily and ready to work with the students the minute they walk into her room.”