“Spider-Man: No Way Home” – Shabby or Spectacular?


Courtesy of Marvel Studios

One of the many posters advertising “Spiderman: No Way Home.”

Warning: The below article contains major spoilers for “Spider-Man: No Way Home.”

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” is the newest installment in the MCU Spider-Man trilogy. This is undoubtedly the best piece of Spider-Man content I’ve ever seen. It ticked off every box on my wishlist for this film. This film chooses to focus more on Peter’s emotional journey, which was absolutely the right choice. The trilogy has turned the MCU Spider-Man from a teenager who’s in over his head to the ultimate hero we all knew he could be.

For the first time in cinematic Spider-Man history, his identity is revealed to the world, crashing his superhero life with his everyday one. When he tries to undo the events of the past, disaster ensues and releases the most powerful villains who’ve ever fought Spider-Man in any universe. Now, Peter has to pick up the pieces of his mistake, while also ensuring everyone in his life stays safe.

I firmly believe this film was tailor-made to please most fans. No matter what Spider-Man films you liked most, you will love this one. Everyone in this film gives it their all, especially Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, who were incredible to watch together. I could feel their chemistry and appreciation for one another bounce off the screen, especially during the scene on the Statue of Liberty and as they’re figuring out cures. Willem Dafoe as the Green Goblin was so exhilarating to see on the big screen once again. He served as the perfect emotional and physical mountain for Holland’s Peter to overcome.

Many people have criticized the MCU Spider-Man for not being true to the character. The overarching story of the cinematic universe as a whole has led to Spider-Man sometimes playing a supporting role in his own films. However, “No Way Home” puts him front and center. The first movie in the trilogy didn’t show us Peter’s origin story. It just started with him being Spider-Man. Over the course of the three films, he’s matured and grown, and I believe that these movies were his origin story. By completing his arc and turning him into an adult, “No Way Home” delivered a satisfying story.

While the villains in the past two installments had their problems, the varied elements that Electro, Doc Ock, Green Goblin, Lizard, and Sandman bring here are a breath of fresh air, something new to the table. They fit like perfect puzzle pieces into the overarching story, while also serving as opposites to our heroes. While I thought some of the more complex ideas like the mind-erasing spell had some holes after a closer look, I still was able to sit back and enjoy it as a whole.

To circle back, I thought Maguire and Garfield had a huge impact on the film as a whole, Maguire was able to slip into a mentor role for Holland’s Peter with him being more experienced and having gone through much that the MCU audience hasn’t seen. It was a wonderful return to the character for him. Garfield was one of the most interesting characters in the film. You had the sense the actor was so happy to revisit the character after his trilogy was cut short. I loved seeing what a sadder, more torn-up Peter looked like. His redemption by saving MJ in the climax brought so many emotions for long-time fans.

Now we reach the hero. This is Holland’s best performance as Spider-Man, ever. He delivers on every aspect. The grief of losing Aunt May later turns to blind rage, or sadness as he realizes his best friends won’t remember him at all. By watching the entire series, it’s like you watch him grow up and reach his full potential as he returns to his roots of struggle and perseverance. Absolutely incredible. This film quickly became my favorite piece of MCU content, and I suspect it won’t be toppled from that title for a while. I absolutely recommend it for anyone that likes Spider-Man’s character. I give it: 9/10.