Delphi Murder Suspect Appears Before Court, Gag Order Continues


Monon High Bridge, Delphi/Indiana Landmarks/Flickr/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Abigail Williams and Liberty German were found on Feb. 17, 2017, 0.5 miles away from the Monon High Bridge. This image depicts the bridge that continues to serve as a memorial of the 5-year-long case.

Richard Allen, the man charged with two accounts of murder, appeared before the Carroll Circuit Court on Jan. 13. 

Allen was arrested on Oct. 12, 2022. This arrest marked an explosive break in the five-year-old Delphi murder case. He was charged with the murder of Abigail Williams, 13, and Liberty German, 14. He pleaded not guilty. 

Judge Frances C. Gull issued a gag order in December. The order barred individuals involved in the case, family members, and police from releasing any information regarding the case to the public. Gull continues to sustain the gag order.

Junior Carrisa Dawson shared her opinion on Allen. 

“They have a solid amount of evidence against him. Everything seems to be lining up,” Dawson said. “I am just really curious to see where he lies in the case because he really isn’t looking good.”

Judge Gull also stated that the case will not be moved to another county. However, the jury will be selected from Allen Country. Trial dates have not been set yet and will be discussed later in February. A bail hearing is set for Feb. 17.