French Classes Return to LHS


Audrey Graham

During 8th grade orientation, a display was set up to advertise the return of French class and French Club.

Students will have the opportunity next school year to join a new foreign language class since French classes return after seven years along with the French Club, which previously ended in 2019.

French has been at LHS since 1917, leaving and coming back again at various points. French last left in 2016 after Spanish teacher Shane LeFaure previously left. Now after returning to school, and teaching Spanish for a short time, he will be teaching the new class.

“It’d be nice to get as many people who are actually interested in French to take the class,” LeFaure said. “However, it’s also important that kids come in and study, and they do the things they’re supposed to do when they come into class.”

The class not only teaches French but will also help students learn English and Spanish better since there are many crossover words. The class will teach about U.S. history, French colonization, and the geography of the world. Finally, it will also help students get academic honors, into universities, and various careers such as the arts, law, science, and even business.

Students in French will also have other opportunities in the French Club. LeFaure currently plans to have one main event per month, ranging from the Homecoming Parade to a possible trip to Paris in the summer of 2024 with the Travel Club.

“We’re trying to just make a whole community out of those who are taking French,” LeFaure said. “We will have all kinds of activities.”